The Secret that will Propel your Business Relationships

The Secret that will Propel your Business Relationships

There is much written about how to be a great speaker, a great author, however when it comes to listening, there is very little.  I have recently finished writing a short e-book on this somewhat underrated skill of listening – ‘Are you listening or just waiting to speak?’ which will be available soon.

In my experience, listening is a quality of leadership that differentiates good leaders from great leaders. It is the secret that will propel your leadership. Having a reputation for being a ‘good listener’ is one of the most positive accolades you can have.

Listening is important both in life and in our business.

In today’s increasingly noisy world, there are many challenges to listening well and it is important to mitigate these challenges to help you develop your listening further.

Overtime, we can become lazy when it comes to listening and we develop ‘bad habits’. It’s important to recognise these less effective habits and seek to overcome them.

In this short interview with Eilidh Milnes, I share

  • why listening is so important
  • some of the challenges to listening
  • 3 top tips to listening well
  • some of the myths of the listening
  • the secret(s) of listening well

Treat yourself with a short 10-minute break and LISTEN to this interactive interview.  My new e-book will be coming out soon where you can learn more about how to apply the 11 principles of listening and become an outstanding leader in your ability to stand out through your capacity to listen.

Next time I shall be interviewing Eilidh when she will be in Australia. Stay tuned and listen out for our next conversation in the series of Confidence Talks.

If you want to learn more about how to be highly effective at listening and help others think well for themselves, with creativity, courage, imagination and grace, take a look at my 3-day retreat for Developing a Thinking Partnership.

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