Are you looking to inspire your team members as a leader?

Are you looking to build trust and generate high performance?

Are you looking to grow your people and your business?

Let me ask you, do you believe in putting your people first? Do you recognise the responsibility of leadership? Do you believe it takes courage to care for those who give their time, hearts and minds in choosing to work with you?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, here’s how I can help you. My purpose is to inspire you to develop and sharpen your leadership and culture so that everybody matters. Where individuals feel connected to why they are doing what they are doing and go home feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Where individuals are treated with dignity and respect, as human beings. Where they are listened to, free from interruption and judgement so they can think for themselves, as themselves with rigour, courage and imagination.
Through leadership coaching, leadership development training and leadership online training, I can help you develop the mindset, skills and behaviours today for opportunities tomorrow.

Interviews with the experts

“It’s easy to absorb Jane’s message because she lives it herself.
 Jane makes it impossible any more to deny the fact that if we are leaders or professionals, the most important facet of our work has to be our listening. The most. Everything follows from the quality of our listening. I find it easy to absorb Jane’s message because she herself lives it.

– Nancy Kline, Best Selling Author, President of Time to Think

“In our journey to find disciples of our vision of Truly Human Leadership we came upon Jane through her writing in the field of ‘Listening’. With this initial passion in common it quickly led to a dialogue about The Privilege of Leadership and the Courage to ‘care’ for those in our span of care. With the foundation of Listening, which is the core tenant of Truly Human Leadership, Jane quickly became a disciple of the Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute spreading the message of caring throughout Europe.”

– Bob Chapman, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Barry Wehmiller

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Anita Grant

“Jane created an environment for me to really stop and think about what was holding me back in my career. She allowed me the space to not to just simply externalise issues but to understand how my behaviours (or my lack of “leaning-in”) were actively impacting the future. I had deep seated assumptions which were impacting my everyday – and these incorrect assumptions were bringing the past into my future. Shaking off these assumptions allowed me to grow in confidence and actually reengage with the business. The impact on me, my team, and the perception of senior leaders has been transformatory.”


“As a result of my coaching with Jane it has made me more aware of the impact that I have on others. I feel like my relationships with colleagues and others across all grades have improved. My coaching sessions have made me question my areas of focus and how I move towards the next level in my development. I want to make a difference, not turn up for work each day because it pays my mortgage! Jane’s style of listening, her empathy and the trust and rapport that she had built with me meant that I could be open with her and fully explore why I felt the way I did and how it impacted me in my day-to-day working life. By doing so, I was able to develop a level of self-understanding and acceptance that would not have been possible otherwise. Her style of questioning helped to get to the bottom of certain things, allowing me to dig deeper into my underlying assumptions and challenging them. The sessions are very much yours and Jane’s flexible style allows you to address topics (especially the unexpected ones) at your own pace to get the most out of your time together.”

Executive Director

“As a result of my coaching with Jane I have an understanding of what my purpose is, an articulation of my guiding principles and a clearer understanding of what I need to do to be more successful in my role.

The coaching has enabled me to operate more at an ‘outstanding’ level for my grade on a more sustainable basis. It has also enabled me to be a more effective leader.

Really enjoyed our sessions and found them very tailored to what I needed and very focused on delivering relevant outcomes.”

Financial Services
Practice Director

“In attending Jane’s Time to Think Foundation Programme, I valued the energy release from thinking out loud, the excitement generated through application and the approach has for all relationships in my life. I discovered that questions, carefully framed unlock so much potential. I will apply these applications for leadership development, collaborating with friends and most of all with my clients.”

Steve Buckle
Ashworth Financial Planning
Managing Director

I just wanted you to know how powerful the thinking environment can be and how it most definitely can be used within a financial planning context. The skills I learnt with you on those three days at the Greenwoods Hotel will stay with me for the rest of my working life – thank you.

Global Fintech Organisation
Head of HR, EMEA

Your Transforming Meetings programme was a brilliant day and was so enjoyed by all even the initial doubters! I really feel you have made a significant difference to the way we will all behave in the future.I personally loved the day and I am left feeling more empowered.

Nike Onyechi
Management Consultant

Jane was extremely patient and gave me plenty of time and space to think about what was important to me and my career. Instead of asking suggestive questions, she made me think for myself what I wanted to do, and, more importantly, what I didn’t want to do and was objective and impartial. She was also very effective in summarizing my jumbled thoughts. I have successfully moved on to a new job, which I am thoroughly enjoying and have the identified career goals which I want to achieve at the new job.

Andrew Nicoll
Columbia Threadneedle
Global Head of Insurance

Jane’s overall approach and ability to listen enabled me to undertake self-analysis and work through my own thought process as to how I could improve a situation or approach it differently. It was very evident to me that Jane gained an excellent understanding and appreciation of my overall role in the firm, my key interactions, as well as the specific challenges I faced – and helped me to assess things in a different way and be able to adapt my approach to achieve better outcomes.