Jane’s purpose is to create the environment and leadership that enables your personal growth and fulfilment. She does this through listening. Listening to ignite the best thinking, ideas and self-expression in you. In her executive coach and facilitator roles she supports you and your team develop person-centric leadership and cultures where everybody matters generating people and business growth in harmony. Jane’s vision of a world where we listen first enabling others to step up and into who they are meant to be is further provided through her offering at The Listening Coach.
Jane’s coaching, training and facilitation is centred around The Thinking Environment principles and the observation that ‘the quality of everything we, as human beings do, depends upon the quality of the thinking we do first’ – Nancy Kline.
Thinking Environment Coaching has been described by coaching experts as one of the most effective client-centred methods on the market. It puts the independent thinking of the client first in its aims. This method allows clients to truly think for themselves.

Jane has over 30 years’ experience within people focused roles in professional and financial services. She is a master credited coach with the ICF and global faculty member with Time to Think. Additionally Jane is an Ambassador for Truly Human Leadership. Her work is underpinned with post graduate diplomas in Human Resources Management and Psychological Coaching.

Upcoming Courses

Time to Think Foundation Course – 17th & 18th January 2024, Live Online

Time to Think Coaching Course –  30th, 31st January, 27th & 28th February 2024, In person, Stock, Essex – Fully Booked

Time to Think Facilitator Course – 13th, 14th February & 11th March 2024, Live Online

Thinking Partnership Retreat –18th, 19th March, 15th April 2024, In person, Stock, Essex

Thinking Partnership Teachers Course – 9th, 10th, 22nd & 23rd April 2024, Live Online

Listening Skills Workshop – Upon request

Jane’s Books

“I think this book is hugely important. It is wonderfully and uniquely focused, like a laser on this central and crucial aspect of leadership and professional work. Best of all, your message is indelible because it is not diluted and because you combine principles and ideas with the most practical, implementable actions. And so your book can truly change the way people behave and think. I am so glad you have produced this for the world!”

– Nancy Kline, Best Selling Author and President of Time to Think

“The most fundamental way to show someone you care about them – to honour their dignity and make them feel valued – is by listening to them. Imagine our world if this were the default behaviour in communities across the globe! The Listening Coach has the power to enhance your personal relationships, your career and your community and help bring about the world we imagine.”

– Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller and author of Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

The Listening Deck A fun and meaningful way to develop and deepen your listening skills with your team, family and friends with this deck of 30 coaching cards. The Listening Deck helps guide meaningful exploration, discussion and understanding of the different levels of listening, key skills of listening, our listening biases, principles to overcome the biases and the different contexts where we listen.

Interviews with the experts

“It’s easy to absorb Jane’s message because she lives it herself.
 Jane makes it impossible any more to deny the fact that if we are leaders or professionals, the most important facet of our work has to be our listening. The most. Everything follows from the quality of our listening. I find it easy to absorb Jane’s message because she herself lives it.”

– Nancy Kline, Best Selling Author, President of Time to Think

“In our journey to find disciples of our vision of Truly Human Leadership we came upon Jane through her writing in the field of ‘Listening’. With this initial passion in common it quickly led to a dialogue about The Privilege of Leadership and the Courage to ‘care’ for those in our span of care. With the foundation of Listening, which is the core tenant of Truly Human Leadership, Jane quickly became a disciple of the Chapman & Co Leadership Institute spreading the message of caring throughout Europe.”

– Bob Chapman, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Barry Wehmiller

Ian Davies
Head of Protection

“I have never been tested as much as a leader than over the last few weeks and I am hugely grateful for your coaching over the last few months.  It has allowed me to lead using my natural style but also flexing it where appropriate.  Thank you!”

Anita Grant

“Jane created an environment for me to really stop and think about what was holding me back in my career. She allowed me the space to not to just simply externalise issues but to understand how my behaviours (or my lack of “leaning-in”) were actively impacting the future. I had deep seated assumptions which were impacting my everyday – and these incorrect assumptions were bringing the past into my future. Shaking off these assumptions allowed me to grow in confidence and actually reengage with the business. The impact on me, my team, and the perception of senior leaders has been transformatory.”

John Middlemiss
Director, Financial Services

Working with Jane has been invaluable in plotting out my overall approach and strategy to hone my overall commercial business case. Using the sessions as time-out working sessions helped with immediate challenges. As a result of our coaching, I have successfully delivered three high profile presentations and adopted the soft listening skills. I would describe Jane as engaging, professional, someone who genuinely cares about the coachee and their outcomes, and tries innovative ideas and techniques.

Nike Onyechi
Management Consultant

Jane was extremely patient and gave me plenty of time and space to think about what was important to me and my career. Instead of asking suggestive questions, she made me think for myself what I wanted to do, and, more importantly, what I didn’t want to do and was objective and impartial. She was also very effective in summarizing my jumbled thoughts. I have successfully moved on to a new job, which I am thoroughly enjoying and have the identified career goals which I want to achieve at the new job.

Andrew Nicoll
Columbia Threadneedle
Global Head of Insurance

Jane’s overall approach and ability to listen enabled me to undertake self-analysis and work through my own thought process as to how I could improve a situation or approach it differently. It was very evident to me that Jane gained an excellent understanding and appreciation of my overall role in the firm, my key interactions, as well as the specific challenges I faced – and helped me to assess things in a different way and be able to adapt my approach to achieve better outcomes.

Courtney Gainer
Parthenon Consulting
Vice President

I feel that my coaching programme has been truly transformational for me and I am so grateful that Parthenon made the investment in coaching. When I started my coaching programme I felt that the points I was working on were amorphous and difficult to tackle (i.e. confidence, empowering my teammates, work-life-balance, etc.); however, working with Jane really helped me to identify the things that were standing in the way of being the person I wanted to be at work.

Andrew Wingfield
Societe Generale
Global Head of Master Agreements

The simple mechanism which promoted deep self-inquiry and where I provided the answers, as opposed to clinical observation and comment from Jane. Discoveries of the self, by the self, are more powerful than objective analysis and feedback. Thank you for your hard work, which I can honestly say has had much positive impact, beyond what I really expected.

Kathryn Porter
Societe Generale
Director Commodities and Structure

I particularly appreciated they way Jane challenged me to address and overcome hidden assumptions that can hold me back, and helping me to expose a more coherent strategy for my near-term career development. I also appreciated the practical strategies we evolved for meeting certain specific challenges, particularly around managing difficult interpersonal situations. Jane has a gently challenging style, with a use of the “what else” technique to make sure situations are fully explored. This has been very effective in helping me to frame my challenges more completely and avoid mental short cuts. Jane’s approach is thorough and methodical. She has often guided me towards unearthing my own solutions, while not being afraid to share her own insights from time to time, which has been extremely valuable.

Jenny McGrandle
Mayer Brown
Senior Lawyer

Coaching with Jane was a very positive and enriching experience. Some of the sessions were extremely challenging (and emotionally exhausting!), and really forced me to re-think my approach to certain obstacles that I thought I faced but via Jane’s questioning, discovered I could overcome. Jane exudes warmth and enthusiasm, and her coaching sessions are extremely empowering. She is an excellent listener and I always felt free to say exactly what I thought/felt, safe in the knowledge that she would not pass judgment. She is a winning combination of challenging but encouraging, and I felt that at the end of each session we always achieved a very satisfying outcome. I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend her.

Nikki da Costa
Nikki da Costa & Associates Ltd
Public Affairs Specialist

“Jane, you were much in demand this morning and I didn’t get a chance to say thank you in person, but I just wanted to thank you for the session.
It was lovely to see in practice some of the elements of the Thinking Environment, and to see the impact you had on all of us in how you shared your expertise and created space for us. A thoroughly worthwhile session and, professionally was struck by how beautifully paced it was.
By trade I’m a public affairs specialist, but am also a qualified coach with the Coaching Academy and working on my next diploma, but this approach seems to have so much value and resonance, and I hope to explore further next year. Many thanks!”

Cristina Loaiza
Global Head of Brand

I’ve really enjoyed my year working together with Jane. She brings a calm and positive approach and has a brilliant ability to create a safe and comfortable environment where clients can feel at ease. Jane has helped me to maximise strengths, overcome development areas and work out the type of leader I want to be. Her coaching has equipped me with brilliant tools and techniques that are easy to implement and which I know I’ll continue to use going forward in my career.

Laura Wetherup
Columbia Threadneedle
Head of Operations & Global Head of TA&IS and Client Change

A year on from working with Jane, I have experienced some tangible results in relation to my leadership effectiveness. I have received more than 20% increase from our recent employee survey with a 100% employee satisfaction in my leadership effectiveness from my direct reports. I valued our experience of working together and Jane facilitating the conversations so that I came up with the solutions for myself.

Susan Steinhagen
Global Investment Management
Senior Executive

“As a result of coaching with Jane I am more self-aware and focused on creating an environment for people on my team to be their best self and solve their problems and issues on their own. My team has acknowledged this as wonderful.”

Rob Barker

“Working with Jane is an absolute pleasure and her coaching produces exceptional results. Highly recommended.”

Jennifer Abella
Barry Wehmiller
Director, Executive Leadership & Development

“I’m on a team that can get very bogged down in details, and my work with you always helped me focus on what’s most important. I feel you helped me feel confident in my vision. In the midst of what often felt like chaos, I was able to get centered, which enabled me to listen well to others. I also feel I’m a more patient coach. I’ve found my style and embraced it, and your counsel has helped me improve my process, as well.”

Anita Sanderman
Head of People Services, Deloitte

“Jane’s coaching was the right balance of challenge and support – there were times that I needed more direction and suggestions and Jane was happy take the role if I asked.  She gave me space to think and reflect and celebrated with me when I had a light bulb moment!  I also like the way our sessions ended with an appreciation and the connections and shared materials between each session.  Thank you so much for helping me realise and become the People Leader I knew I could be.”

Adrian Shooter
Global Head of Talent Acquisition, PMI

“Jane provides a climate of safety, warmth, and humanity in her interactions. She genuinely made me feel that everyone matters and I had the personal power within to solve many of my problems. As an HR professional she was also pragmatic and could contextualize many of the situations I found myself in. Her ability to ask the right questions was impressive. Jane is a safe space, authentic, positive, a hyper listener, impressive questioner who applies her coaching expertise to any context.”

Gemma Buggins

“Jane is an amazing coach, and the impact of her coaching in the last 12 months has had a truly powerful and lasting effect on me. She has taught me to both embrace and champion my aspirations and ideals for human-centred leadership. And significantly, she has helped me to achieve, and to be even more deeply committed to, the skilful and delicate balance of being both kind and assertive in my leadership, for which she is a true role model. I have loved working with Jane, and I would recommend Jane to anyone wanting a supportive, highly skilled coach who can help you make deep transformations.”

Sam Guise
Independent Business Writer & Editor

“In November I took part in the Inspire leadership workshop led by Jane and Hugo Heij, a programme that encourages leaders to explore their experiences and values in order to build trust and connect with others more effectively. Jane facilitates with deep, heartfelt insight, experience and skill. She models a level of openness, trust and emotional maturity that sets the tone for real conversations. She enables participants to talk honestly about the challenges of leadership and their hopes, frustrations and intentions. And, at the same time, she maintains a focused attention and professionalism that ensures every detail of the day runs smoothly. It’s rare for me to walk into a room full of strangers and, within moments, feel genuinely welcomed and encouraged to contribute. That’s the environment that Jane creates, with ease, grace, authenticity and phenomenal capability. Thank you Jane.”

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