Online Training: Thinking Partnership Coaching Demonstration


The 40-Minute Coaching Demo That Will Ignite Your Coaching Sessions and Increase Your Clients’ Success
One of the greatest frustrations as a coach is seeing your clients NOT implementing the actions or trying out new behaviours they have agreed on during your coaching meeting.
The clients we have clearly want to generate successful results in their work and life and they’re willing to pay you to help them get there, but studies have shown that coaches’ biggest bug-bear is lack of true commitment.

In other words, not giving proper time, thought and mental determination to putting in place the plan they have designed, with your support, and often falling at the first sign of things getting difficult or inconvenient.


Why is this?
You finish a meeting with your client, they have a clear plan of action or behaviour experimentation that they will take. They are motivated, enthused and ready to get work and then – somewhere between that time and when you next speak – that enthusiasm waned, life came in and they did not do what they said they would do.
It’s frustrating for us because we know the results that our clients can get and the problems they can solve when they do commit and follow through.
In my thousands of hours of experience as a coach, I would say that it’s not actually so much a lack of commitment, but a lack of OWNERSHIP for the solution.
When we begin our journey as a coach, we want to be of value to our client. We may think this means we need to contribute our own ideas, solutions and suggestions in service of our client and that makes us feel we are making a valuable contribution.  This is however a paradox.
If we find ourselves giving advice, this can actually take the power out of the coaching process and leave our clients only temporarily motivated, with a solution or way of doing things that, deep-down, they know is not the best for them and does not utilise their best skills or highest area of work and enjoyment. In other words, they have not owned their own solution and outcome.


A much better way of coaching is by getting right to the heart of the things that they are ‘stuck’ with and gently guiding them to think about and articulate their challenges and come up with their own best solutions. That is where TRUE ownership, responsibility, sustained motivation and follow-through is generated.

One of the very best ways of getting our clients to think for themselves in a high quality way is by being a Thinking Environment® and employing a Thinking Partnership framework, where they feel truly heard, understood and valued and have the time and space to decide on their own best solutions. Offering a Thinking Partnership framework creates the opportunity for our clients to uncover what is stopping them achieve what they want and create new ways of moving forward.


The Thinking Environment is based upon the observation that ‘the quality of everything we, as human beings do, depends upon the quality of the thinking we do first’. This was so beautifully identified over 30 years ago by Nancy Kline, who is the best-selling author of three books, founder of the Time To Think leadership and coaching consultancy and a most wonderful teacher.


A Thinking Partnership is created when you coach your client in a Thinking Environment, where you are intently interested in engaging their best thinking to generate their best decision-making.

Your Powerful Coaching Secret Weapon

I have created a concise and powerful video training where I walk you through a live demonstration of a Thinking Partnership coaching session with a real-life client and a real-life problem.

In the video you’ll see how to best go through the framework and the way my client quickly got to higher thinking and coming up with her own best solution. If you have not yet attended the Thinking Partnership programme, this video highlights what you will be able to master and deliver for your clients after the training.  If you have already attended the programme with me, this video will help you contract effectively with your client, navigate the framework through each part and be a valuable reference to return to.

Clients report that a Thinking Partnership is amazingly helpful and effective in creating breakthroughs in their thinking and in getting them ‘unstuck’ from a challenge that they may have been experiencing for some time.

Thinking Environment®

15 Solid Benefits of The Thinking Environment Coaching Demo
  • This valuable video shows you step-by-step how to facilitate a Thinking Partnership session and showcases its effectiveness with a practical, real life demonstration.

  • You have a supremely powerful and versatile tool at your fingertips, which you can refer back to time and time again to walk you through the process and refine your skills.

  • Enhances your coaching skills and quickly fosters a tranquil environment that brings out your clients’ best thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Enables you to elegantly offer challenge and breakthrough in your coaching, bringing your clients’ background thoughts to the foreground and offering space and safety to articulate those thoughts and ideas.

  • Generates deeper trust and understanding between you and your client and a greater sense of connectedness.

  • Your clients place a high value on you as their coach and there is a greater sense of fulfillment for both them and you.

  • Client retention rates are likely to be increased.

  • Brings attention to important things and challenges them face-on (also helps the you as the coach to do this too).

  • Gives ownership to your clients for resolving their own issues and following through on the actions you’ve agreed.

  • Empowers your clients to find their own best solutions – taking into account all aspects of their life and their skills, strengths and weaknesses – increasing their capacity for success.

  • As well as broadening your coaching toolkit, you can be a Thinking Environment with your children or spouse for deepening communication and understanding.

  • Experientially demonstrates clearly the 10 components of the Thinking Environment.

  • The true benefit is that it’s a walk through demo on how to facilitate independent thinking in others and creates an environment of others to do their best thinking.

  • Allows you to manage your energy better and prevents burnout from ‘over-giving’ and talking too much of the time! This means you can do more coaching sessions in a day if you want to, without feeling stressed or too tired.

  • It will give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace and make you more attractive to potential new clients.

Who this is NOT For
This is not for people who want to talk and give advice more than they listen and who aren’t interested in generating independent thinking in their clients.


Not for people who do not recognise that our clients have the resources within them or trust that others can find their own solution.


It’s not for people who assume that their input is more valid than their client’s.


If you ARE interested in empowering your client with a proven method for problem solving and creating their own best solutions then I’d urge you to get your copy of The Thinking Partnership Coaching Demonstration now. It’s the only training in the world of its kind and it will give you a distinct edge in what you can offer your clients and potential clients.

Your Investment

The investment for a live coaching demonstration of the Thinking Partnership online video training is just £97.

Rest assured, you get 24/7, lifetime access to the programme, which houses the video training, a downloadable audio, coursebook and infographic. This is available for your use at any time and to refresh your understanding of The Thinking Partnership Framework as and when you need it.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the programme then simply send me an e-mail requesting a refund within 14-days of purchase and I will give you all of your money back, guaranteed. That’s peace of mind for you

It is recommended that you also take ‘An Introduction To The Thinking Environment’ to accompany this Demonstration training video. Once you’ve got your Demo training video, you might be interested in joining my 3-day Thinking Partnership Retreat.