Do you want to generate the best thinking and performance in others (and in yourself) so they can solve their own challenges and grow in the process?

Do you find yourself interrupting others before they have finished speaking and offer your own response?

Does your attention drift when listening to another?

If you answered yes to these questions, this programme is for you.
You see most of the time, many of us listen just long enough to hear the gist of what another is saying and then think about our response, how we want to reply, give a direction or make a diagnosis. When we do this, we are not giving attention nor are we really listening to what the other is saying.
If we want to truly generate high quality thinking in others, we must suppress this need to respond, and listen to generate more thoughts, feelings and ideas from others and give them a voice.
As a coach and a leader, our clients and teams often require our input and our thinking about a particular situation or for the way they show up in front of us before they think of possible solutions for themselves. In order to achieve breakthroughs and sustained change, it is the individual coming up with the solution for themselves that will create the best result.
Therefore as a coach or a leader involved in developing others on a 1:1 basis, you will need to get comfortable with the paradox of being so present with your attention and your listening that you are invisible. You will need to get comfortable with the fact that you don’t matter at all because in fact you matter profoundly as you provide attention and ask laser-like questions to generate independent thinking in others.

“One of the most valuable gifts we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves” – Nancy Kline.

This 3-day open programme will help you to take your coaching and leadership skills to a new level.  The programme is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with 21 1/2 continuous coaching education credits (CCEs) and 2 Resource Development credits.  
During this 3-day programme you will:
  • Explore the ten components the Thinking Environment.
  • Take part in Thinking Partner demonstrations to experience a metaphor of how we as human beings think and feel, together with the findings in how the mind thinks exceptionally well for itself and will continue to, before it needs a nudge from a thinking partner.
  • Learn about the three levels of limiting assumptions.
  • Discover the power of the precisely formulated incisive question that can remove limiting assumptions and create revival of creativity, clarity, rigour and courage.

The experience will take your listening and relationship building skills to new heights and is remarkably useful for leaders, coaches, mentors, teachers and parents, in fact everyone who is interested in developing others on a one-to-one basis. The programme is taught in a Thinking Environment — requiring respect, personal integrity and rigorous confidentiality.

The Benefits:
In attending this programme you will and have:

  • Create the time to think with rigour, courage, imagination and grace and achieve new insights on topics of your choice that are current and important to you.
  • Learn how to be a Thinking Environment for others where you will generate more of their independent thinking.
  • Enable others to find clarity, feel more confident and be creative to achieve more.
  • Be known for modelling great listening and asking provocative questions.
  • framework with which to have powerful conversations to help others think well for themselves.
  • An unparalleled experience of what happens when you provide uninterrupted listening and ask powerful questions.
  • network of like-minded individuals to practice your skills and develop confidence in using the framework and applying the 10 components of a Thinking Environment.
  • The start of an outstanding brand of coaching and personal leadership that will make you stand out.

Dates: 12th-13th September, 11th October 2019, UK

*** September Special: 20% off published investment if you book by 5th August ***

Dates: February 2020, USA

3 course benefits:
  • A uniquely designed infographic of the 10 components of the Thinking Environment™.
  •  A copy of Jane’s book ‘Are you listening, or just waiting to speak? – The secret to propelling your business relationships’.
  • Direct access to Jane throughout your training to support your ongoing practice of being a Thinking Environment.


Venue in UK: Greenwoods Spa Hotel, Stock, Essex (special rates for staying guests)

Transport: 30 minutes by train from Central London to Billericay and a short taxi ride to Stock. 40 minutes by car from London Stansted or London Southend airports.  By car, Stock is located just off the A12 on junction B1007 heading towards Billericay.

Your investment…

Your Investment: £1,200 plus VAT  – all materials and refreshments included.
Phased payments and a bursary place will be considered, upon application.

To apply and register your interest to attend this programme.

 To hear more from the pioneer of the Thinking Environment, listen here to Jane’s interview with Nancy Kline.

Do you want to generate the best thinking and performance in others (and in yourself) so they can solve their own challenges and grow in the process?

What others have said…

Steve Buckle
Ashworth Financial Planning
Managing Director

I just wanted you to know how powerful the thinking environment can be and how it most definitely can be used within a financial planning context. The skills I learnt with you on those three days at the Greenwoods Hotel will stay with me for the rest of my working life – thank you.

Alison Beck
Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach

Jane’s Developing a Thinking Environment 3 day programme provided a small safe environment and in particular I valued the quality of the interactions with Jane and with my fellow delegates, the 2 day + 1 day structure, the chance to practice and Jane’s role modelling of the approach in everything she does. As a result of this programme, for now, I am noticing better connection through more focused listening. Also, and very personally, the course has reignited my interest in coaching and my desire to refresh and extend my organisational development practice. It has changed my plans for 2016. We will see what exciting outcomes stem from that change!

Miranda Brockman
HR Consultant

“Jane’s Thinking Partner Programme delivered intelligent, rigorous teaching and skills practice with patience and grace.  Having attended, I have complete faith in the process and a renewed faith in mankind’s ability to work through anything when given the respect, time and space to do so. Thank you Jane for this wonderful learning opportunity”.

Eversley Felix
Leadership Development Consultant and Coach

“I wanted to thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart for guiding us through three of the most amazing days that I have experienced in recent times. I really liked your elegant and sophisticated style which made my learning such great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the team during the three days and can’t wait for the re-union”.

Elizabeth Arthur
Executive Coach

“I highly recommend Jane Adshead-Grant’s approach to delivering her individually crafted Thinking Partner Programme.  She embodies courage, grace and wisdom and this creates an empowering experiential environment where I was encouraged, as both a Thinker and Thinking Partner, to be bold, courageous and to become a thinking environment.  Her calm and confident presence was congruent with the components of a Thinking Environment.  Her demonstrations were masterful and role modeled excellence, which truly enabled us all to reach high from the beginning.   To invest in oneself to become a Thinking Partner is a worthy aspiration, to think better for oneself and to help others think independently opens a whole series of possibilities, and to train with Jane was inspirational.” 

Clare Thompson
Business Development Director and Coach

“As a coach I understand the importance of creating a coaching space and using my intuition to ‘hear’ what is unsaid.  The Thinking Partnership training I undertook with Jane Adshead-Grant has brought a deeper dimension to my coaching practice: I have discovered the power of creating a space for a client to explore uninterrupted, verbalised thinking cycles is remarkable. At the same time, as a coach I have learned the power of silent attention: instead of asking the power question, I create the space for my client to ask it of themselves. This self-exploration, combined with examination of assumptions and incisive questioning, in my opinion, results in a more complete coaching conversation because the client reaches absolute clarity on their goals, and absolute conviction on the action they will take”.