Do you want to reclaim your mind and generate fresh, relevant, courageous thinking?

Do you want to create an environment for others to think for themselves, as themselves with dignity & respect aligned with our humanity?

Do you want to discover the conditions for independent thinking enabling yourself and others’ high performance, creativity and innovation?

If you answered yes to these questions, this course is for you.

What the mind can do is simply stunning. It is surely the greatest expression of being human. We were born with the capacity to think for ourselves and expected to too. From our infant days, it took us a few years to develop all the brain functionality we needed for independent thinking, and we did it.

As we grew and our brain developed we also experienced some strange behaviours around us. We saw people preventing others think for themselves. We saw them interrupting, forcefully inserting their own ideas, even finishing the sentences for the other person. They paraphrase the person, diluting their uniqueness. Often unconsciously, these people hijacked any chance of truly independent thinking in others.

When a person pauses their thinking, it is the most dangerous place. Too often others leap to fill the space. Assume that what they are about to say is of more value than what you are about think. Your creation of a new idea is murdered, even before it has been expressed.

And so by the time we could think for ourselves, we usually didn’t. Some of us can remember only one person who encouraged us to think fully for ourselves. Some of us cannot remember anyone at all. Yet our findings show that the human mind is  powerful, resourceful and creative, more than ever when it is given the opportunity to think for itself in the presence of palpable attention. As human beings there remains intact a depth of intelligence, intellect, language, connection, insight and discovery. We just need the right conditions to summon it.

This is what the Thinking Partnership Session provides. The capacity to think for ourselves, as ourselves with rigour, courage, imagination and grace. It seems the mind thinks for itself in waves and pauses in the presence of certain conditions. During the pause, it considers, asks itself some questions enabling it to soar once more. Or, it needs a gentle nudge from another to summon afresh its natural resourcefulness.

As a parent, coach, teacher and leaders in business, we have the profound responsibility of creating an environment for others to think for themselves, as themselves rather than what someone else wants them to think. We have the responsibility to be stewards of their unique skills, gifts and talents enabling them to develop and grow.

Attending this course you will need to want to think for yourself more than you want others to think for you.  You will want to learn the conditions for independent thinking and let them become the way we belong, the way we succeed, the way we lead and the way we love. You will need to get comfortable with the paradox of being so present with your attention and capacity to listen that you are invisible. You will need to get comfortable with the paradox that you don’t matter at all yet you matter profoundly as you provide attention and ask laser-like questions to generate independent thinking in others.

“One of the most valuable gifts we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves” – Nancy Kline.

This 3-day course will help you to take your leadership, coaching even parenting to a new level.  

You will have the benefit of Jane’s experience as an Executive Coach and practitioner of the Thinking Environment daily in her coaching practice working across different industries and with a large variety of clients.  Her experience as a Thinking Environment Coach, Facilitator and Teacher enables her to create the space together with being a vast repository of tools to offer you but not to impose on you as a body of knowledge, rather giving you the opportunity to be exposed to the findings and Jane’s experience and being the catalyst for independent thinking.

The course is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with 20 continuous coaching education credits (CCEs).

During this 3-day course you will:

● Explore the ten components the Thinking Environment.

● Take part in Thinking Partner demonstrations to experience a metaphor of how we as human beings think and feel in waves and pauses, together with the findings in how the mind thinks exceptionally well for itself and will continue to, before it needs a nudge from a thinking partner.

● Learn about the three levels of limiting assumptions.

● Discover the power of the precisely formulated incisive question that can remove limiting assumptions and create revival of creativity, clarity, rigour and courage.

The experience will take your listening and relationship building skills to new heights and is remarkably useful for leaders, coaches, mentors, teachers and parents, in fact everyone who is interested in developing others on a one-to-one basis. The programme is taught in a Thinking Environment — requiring respect, personal integrity and rigorous confidentiality.

The Benefits:

In attending this course you will and have

● Create the time to think with rigour, courage, imagination and grace and achieve new insights on topics of your choice that are current and important to you.

● Learn how to be a Thinking Environment for others where you will generate more of their independent thinking.

● Enable others to find clarity, feel more confident and be creative to achieve more.

● Be known for modelling great listening and asking provocative questions.

● A framework with which to have powerful conversations to help others think well for themselves.

● An unparalleled experience of what happens when you provide uninterrupted listening and ask powerful questions.

● A network of like-minded individuals to practice your skills and develop confidence in using the framework and applying the 10 components of a Thinking Environment.

● The start of an outstanding brand of coaching and personal leadership that will make you stand out.


Dates: 18th, 19th March & 15th April 2024

Time: 09.00 – 16.45, In person, Stock, Essex

Dates: 22nd, 23rd July & 19th August 2024

Time: 09.00 – 16.45, In person, Stock, Essex

Dates: 4th, 5th November & 3rd December 2024

Time: 09.00 – 16.45, Live Online

3 course benefits:
  • A uniquely designed infographic of the 10 components of the Thinking Environment™.
  •  A copy of Jane’s book The Listening Coach – Coach yourself through the elements of listening that are critical in life, business and our communities. 
  • Direct access to Jane throughout your training to support your ongoing practice of being a Thinking Environment.


Venue in UK: Stock, Essex UK

Transport: 30 minutes by train from Central London to Billericay and a short taxi ride to Stock. 40 minutes by car from London Stansted or London Southend airports.  By car, Stock is located just off the A12 on junction B1007 heading towards Billericay.

Nearby Accommodation:

Greenwoods Spa Hotel

Ivy Hill Hotel

Your investment…

 £1,125.00 including all written materials.
Phased payments and a bursary place are available upon application.

To register your interest to attend this course, please apply below.

To listen to a live coaching demonstration session with Jane using the Thinking Partnership please visit:
and the Thinking Environment Tab
 To hear more from the pioneer of the Thinking Environment, listen here to Jane’s interview with Nancy Kline.

What others have said…

Steve Buckle
Ashworth Financial Planning
Managing Director

I just wanted you to know how powerful the thinking environment can be and how it most definitely can be used within a financial planning context. The skills I learnt with you on those three days at the Greenwoods Hotel will stay with me for the rest of my working life – thank you.

Alison Beck
Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach

“Jane’s Developing a Thinking Environment 3 day programme provided a small safe environment and in particular I valued the quality of the interactions with Jane and with my fellow delegates, the 2 day + 1 day structure, the chance to practice and Jane’s role modelling of the approach in everything she does. As a result of this programme, for now, I am noticing better connection through more focused listening. Also, and very personally, the course has reignited my interest in coaching and my desire to refresh and extend my organisational development practice. It has changed my plans for 2016. We will see what exciting outcomes stem from that change!”

Miranda Brockman
HR Consultant

“Jane’s Thinking Partner Programme delivered intelligent, rigorous teaching and skills practice with patience and grace.  Having attended, I have complete faith in the process and a renewed faith in mankind’s ability to work through anything when given the respect, time and space to do so. Thank you Jane for this wonderful learning opportunity”.

Eversley Felix
Leadership Development Consultant and Coach

“I wanted to thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart for guiding us through three of the most amazing days that I have experienced in recent times. I really liked your elegant and sophisticated style which made my learning such great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the team during the three days and can’t wait for the re-union”.

Elizabeth Arthur
Executive Coach

“I highly recommend Jane Adshead-Grant’s approach to delivering her individually crafted Thinking Partner Programme.  She embodies courage, grace and wisdom and this creates an empowering experiential environment where I was encouraged, as both a Thinker and Thinking Partner, to be bold, courageous and to become a thinking environment.  Her calm and confident presence was congruent with the components of a Thinking Environment.  Her demonstrations were masterful and role modeled excellence, which truly enabled us all to reach high from the beginning.   To invest in oneself to become a Thinking Partner is a worthy aspiration, to think better for oneself and to help others think independently opens a whole series of possibilities, and to train with Jane was inspirational.” 

Clare Thompson
Business Development Director and Coach

“As a coach I understand the importance of creating a coaching space and using my intuition to ‘hear’ what is unsaid.  The Thinking Partnership training I undertook with Jane Adshead-Grant has brought a deeper dimension to my coaching practice: I have discovered the power of creating a space for a client to explore uninterrupted, verbalised thinking cycles is remarkable. At the same time, as a coach I have learned the power of silent attention: instead of asking the power question, I create the space for my client to ask it of themselves. This self-exploration, combined with examination of assumptions and incisive questioning, in my opinion, results in a more complete coaching conversation because the client reaches absolute clarity on their goals, and absolute conviction on the action they will take”.

Jean-Yves Broussy

“Following the Thinking Partner Retreat, I have experienced great focus, breakthrough moments, courage and positive intent. I also recognise the power of appreciation. I would say to others about this experience ‘Do it!’.”

Deborah Jones
Executive Coach & Change Management Consultant

“I attended the Thinking Partnership retreat with Jane last month and it was excellent. It had a impact on me personally and on my work as a coach and a team coach straight away. The training is very practical and as such you get to work on your own personal thoughts and challenges as well as learning techniques to be a thinking partner for others. I can honestly say that I made shifts in some personal assumptions that have been with me for decades and this made an impact on my life in the weeks that followed. I’ve also started being a thinking partner for my coaching clients and have seen them have many more of their own “a ha” moments. I cannot recommend Jane’s Thinking Partnership retreat enough, she creates such a safe and welcoming environment, thank you Jane.”

Garry Turner
Key Account Management Leader

“I have recently the 3-day Thinking Partnership programme with Jane and it has been a deeply profound and grounding experience. Jane facilitated with depth, grace, intentionality, and impact that has resulted in me taking away a range of actionable insights that will help me step into my power, in service of others and in service of me being the best version of myself. You never feel for a second that Jane’s work is about her, it is always about her clients gaining the richest learning & growth experience possible. I cannot recommend Jane and her Thinking Partnership work enough. Listening, at a generative level, truly is a gift and Jane is a master practitioner to experience that with.”

Sam Guise
Freelance Writer & Editor

“Learning to create a Thinking Environment is life changing for the Thinker and the Thinking Partner. And it feels like it’s needed now more than ever, as we face up to uncertainty, fear, turmoil, loss, fundamental change and a growing awareness of the true differences in our experiences, privilege, opportunity and power. The starting point for trust connection with each other – as colleagues, leaders, teachers, coaches, supporters, friends – has to come from our humility to really listen and to engage each other’s thinking as equal partners. We all need to learn how to do this. But although it’s what our brains intuitively need, doing it is so hard because our habits of interrupting, guiding, advice giving and thinking for others are so ingrained. Jane patiently, skilfully and compassionately helped us to unpick our habits, practice and build our understanding of this incredible, liberating process.”

Servane Mouazan
Social Enterprise Consultant & Coach

“This is a perfect and evidenced-based practice that gave me the opportunity to equalise the rush I have felt at times  as a coach, when ideas and multiple connections pop up in my head, and am eager to serve with the most helpful questions. Yet, the best help is to let someone finish their thoughts and provide them with the opportunity to amplify these thoughts. This fulfilling evidenced-based thinking experience manages that possible rush and transforms it into a productive, calm, intuitive supportive process. It yields fascinating results for both the thinker and for the thinking partner. Thank you!”

Paul Hexter
British Film Institute
Film Operations Manager

“I attended the Thinking Partnership Retreat on the strength of reading Nancy Kline’s book – The Thinking Environment. The retreat with Jane was a profound experience, which has had a transformational impact on my life. I believe psychologists call it a second order change. For me, the thinking environment is validation that my most basic instincts about meetings, conversations and independent thought have been right all along – there has to be a better way and this is it! The Thinking Partnership is so beautifully simple, dignified and innate, yet as complex as the mind itself. I’m a secular meditator who has been practising meditation for twelve years. The Thinking Environment is the perfect companion to meditative practice. Where, in meditative practice, we watch the mind through awareness, observing thoughts without clinging to them; The Thinking Environment provides arena in which those thoughts can be exquisitely developed”