Are you looking to master your skills and experience as a Facilitator and generate the finest independent thinking in teams and groups?

Are you looking to honour the dignity, intelligence and difference in others so they can become who they are meant to be through facilitating teams and groups?

Do you want to support teams and groups accomplish more for themselves and their ongoing self-awareness and development?

If you answered YES to these questions, this course is for YOU.
You will have needed to completed the Time to Think Foundation course as a prerequisite.
The Time to Think Facilitator Course teaches how to professionally present eight of the applications of a Thinking Environment®. These are Thinking Pairs, Dialogue, Rounds, Open Discussion, Meetings, Bespoke Facilitation, the Time to Think Council and Presentations, as experienced on the Foundation Course.
The 3-day Time to Think Facilitator Course (together with a 6-month practicum) builds upon your understanding, skills and experience of the 10 components of a Thinking Environment and the applications for teams and groups, and will qualify you as a “Time to Think Facilitator”.You will have the benefit of Jane’s experience as a Leadership Facilitator and practitioner of the Thinking Environment daily in her coaching and leadership facilitation practice working across different industries and with a large variety of clients. Her experience as a Thinking Environment Global Faculty Member enables her to create the space together with being a vast repository of tools to offer you but not to impose on you as a body of knowledge, rather giving you the opportunity to be exposed to the findings and Jane’s experience and being the catalyst for independent thinking.
During the 3-day course you will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the 10 components of a Thinking Environment and how they generate fine independent thinking in groups and teams.
  • Experience and practice of the structures of everyday work such as dialogue, meetings, presentation and facilitation for clear thinking, inclusive and invigorating experiences. 
  • Have an opportunity to work on relevant topics with a group of individuals within your organisational experience and outside. 

The Benefits:

  • Have a profound insight in how organisations benefit from generating an environment where everyone feels they matter.
  • Feel equipped to facilitate a range of meetings, gatherings and group settings to generate the finest independent thinking and therefore high quality performance and results for the team or group.
  • Upon successful completion of the practicum, you will be qualified to deliver the one-day Transforming Meetings™ programme to groups and organisations so that they can run more productive, effective meetings, and to design bespoke training based on these principles.

The Facilitator Practicum

Following the Facilitator Course, you will be supported by me to become qualified by Time To Think to present the eight Applications professionally. With 4 practicum supervision sessions to support you, you will complete the following Practicum Work:

Written essay on The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment. This explication should demonstrate your knowledge of the definitions and principles of each of The Ten Components. It should include stories from your experience to illustrate the positive impact of each Component on people’s ability to think for themselves.

Delivery of each Application twice. Through delivery of each of the eight Applications (without charge) to a group (4 people minimum) organised by you, you will deepen your understanding about presenting and facilitating this work.

Notes and Reflections. After delivery of each Application, your will record your learning as well as any questions that arose from your delivery.

Thinking Pairs Practice. This practice in both the Thinker and the Thinking Partner role, twice a week until you finish the Practicum, once a week thereafter to maintain your certification, will sustain development of your understanding and expertise.


Dates: 13th & 14th February, 11th March 2024

Times: 09.00-16.45 pm, Live Online


Venue in UK: Stock, Essex UK

Transport: 30 minutes by train from Central London to Billericay and a short taxi ride to Stock. 40 minutes by car from London Stansted or London Southend airports.  By car, Stock is located just off the A12 on junction B1007 heading towards Billericay.

Nearby Accommodation:

Greenwoods Spa Hotel

Ivy Hill Hotel

Your investment…

£1,600.00 inclusive of the live group training sessions, course materials, in-between session support and 4 hours of Practicum support with Jane. 

Phased payments and a bursary place will be considered, upon application.

To register your interest to attend this course, please apply below.

 To hear more from the pioneer of the Thinking Environment, listen here to Jane’s interview with Nancy Kline.

What others have said…

Hazel Morely
Inside-Out Wellness Coach & Facilitator, Canada

“This programme is an opportunity for you to learn from one of the best role models and teachers of the Thinking Environment®. You can expect your days to be rich with content, insights, discoveries, and participation, held together in a safe, encouraging and welcoming space. If you knew that this way of coaching your clients will give both of you a unique experience to become your best selves, what would you think?”

Programme Delegate, UK

“A unique, empowering, robust experience which equipped us with the invaluable life skill of freeing ourselves from limiting assumptions and living nearer our true selves, and taught us how to accompany others in this lifechanging process in a safe, supportive and effective way. The possibilities unleashed by this approach to coaching and thinking are boundless!”

Programme Delegate, UK

“Jane is a brilliant, caring, empowering host and trainer who lives the 10 components with grace. She clearly knows the process inside out and addresses each learning moment with flair and mastery. She goes out of her way to cater for all her trainees’ needs. I felt supported and nurtured. The course is very well structured, and I made a huge amount of progress over the days. The group was absolutely lovely and it was a treat to be able to share and talk around the issues that were presented for thinking. Seeing other people have the discipline to think at the edge of their awareness and persevere until the right nuance was found, and how that led to liberating solutions and opened up powerful opportunities, is giving me the courage to identify and value the nuances of my own thoughts and hold my truth as I approach various difficult situations and people.”

Hazel Morely
Inside-Out Wellness Coach & Facilitator, Canada

“Thank you, Jane, for creating such a memorable and enriching learning experience, and for your generous investment of time, input, and support in our exchanges in between training days.”

Katie Light
Wellness Coach & Trainer, UK

“Thank you Jane for a magical 6 days, it’s been a fabulous journey of exploring, learning and sharing with a lovely group of people.”

Servane Mouazan
Social Enterprise Consultant & Coach

“This is a perfect and evidenced-based practice that gave me the opportunity to equalise the rush I have felt at times  as a coach, when ideas and multiple connections pop up in my head, and am eager to serve with the most helpful questions. Yet, the best help is to let someone finish their thoughts and provide them with the opportunity to amplify these thoughts. This fulfilling evidenced-based thinking experience manages that possible rush and transforms it into a productive, calm, intuitive supportive process. It yields fascinating results for both the thinker and for the thinking partner. Thank you!”

Florentina Nacu
Executive Assistant

“The Time to Think Foundation program builds on the philosophy that the human mind thinks best in the presence of a question AND when uninterrupted. The same principles apply to a dialogue or a team meeting. The embodiment of the 10 components in Time to Think help generate peoples’ best thinking and can transform meetings into ideas powerhouses.”

Servane Mouazan
Social Innovation Coach & Consultant

“As I work in the Social Innovation ecosystem, I have looked for a course that aligns with my mission to provide experiences and a space for people to flourish as autonomous, powerful, creative and impactful people. I have found it in the Thinking Environment. Jane delivered a superb Time To Think Coaching Course. She provided a space full of grace, gave us her supportive presence and wisdom. A stunning and impactful experience.”

Louise Sydbeck

“It would take a long time to explain the actual process but in short, I would say that this course taught me to truly listen, improve my relationships, become a better person and live a happier, more liberated and insightful life. Of all the coach training I have done this one has been by far the most impactful. Jane is an amazing woman and teacher with so much wisdom, humility, and grace. It has been a true privilege to have her as a teacher all through my Time to Think training, through which I have become a far better coach, wife ,and mother. A better human being! Thank you Jane!”

Jayne Merron
Heads HR Director, UK

“A life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone that wants to understand how ‘listening and thinking’ currently works in the world and how we can develop the way to give ourselves and others the gift of independent thinking. That being able to think in this way helps you to question assumptions and builds confidence in your ability to think. I encourage them to ‘feel’ what it’s like, as it is different from anything I have experienced before. That is a way of being in the world rather than just a work/coaching process or tool.”