Creating Time to Think


Do you have enough time to think things through?
Do you feel under valued?
Is your time used wisely?
I hear often from my clients are that they don’t have enough time to think things through.
Their ideas are rarely listened to, really listened to and therefore they become disengaged and feel under valued.
My clients describe their day as being back to back with meetings, many of which are not a good use of their time.
I hear the term of ‘group think’ being banded around where the team falls into a false sense of progression where just 30% of the group contribute and it is their idea that gets taken forward which is not always the best for what is required at the time.
Some describe their teams just saying what they think their leader wants to hear, rather than contributing their own ideas or challenging the status quo.
Being a Thinking Environment in your organisation will overcome these challenges. By offering unparalleled attention to another human being, challenging any unhelpful thinking patterns and asking powerful questions to enable breakthroughs will establish you as an outstanding leader with a brand that stands out.

The programme…

The Thinking Partnership Programme is an experiential course exploring the theory and refined practice of this unique way of working one to one. This course will teach you how to be a Thinking Partner, how to run a Thinking Session and how to apply the principles of a Thinking Environment.
Throughout the course you will:
• Explore the ten components of the Thinking Environment
• Take part in Thinking Partner demonstrations to experience the theory and principles of the six-part format of the Thinking Session
• Learn about the three levels of limiting assumptions
• Discover the power of the precisely formulated incisive question that can remove limiting assumptions and create revival of creativity, clarity, rigour and courage.
The experience will take your listening and relationship building skills to new heights and is remarkably useful for leaders, managers, team leaders, coaches and mentors, in fact everyone who is interested in developing

By attending you will…

Create time to think with rigour, imagination, courage and grace about what you want for yourself and your business.

  • Develop a way of listening to others to engage their thinking more productively for themselves.
  • Have a framework for powerful, breakthrough conversations where you will, in fact, save time.
  • Create clarity, feel more confident and be creative and, you will generate this in others, by adopting this way of leadership.
  • Have a shared experience with your colleagues from which to practice and develop further the application of a Thinking Environment in your business.

But what if…

You may be thinking that 3 days is a long time out of the office.
The programme is structured with two days initial learning followed by a break of up to 4-weeks before you return for the final day. This allows you time to practice and develop further your skills and return with questions and ways to develop further your skills and experience. You may be wondering who else would benefit from this programme in your business. Learning how to be a Thinking Environment with your fellow team members can greatly enhance the experience as you will have shared experience and jointly understood framework of working together…

The Venue

The programme can be run on-site at your offices or off-site in a venue in Central London or in the Essex region..

Your investment

£6,000 plus VAT – all materials included, up to 6 participants.

Plus 3 Bonuses:

#1 uniquely designed infographics of the 10 components of the Thinking Environment
#2 copies of Jane’s book ‘Are you listening or just waiting to speak? – the secret to propel your business relationships’
#3 direct access to Jane throughout your training to support your ongoing practice of being a Thinking Environment.

outstanding results in less time.

To book your place, please contact Jane…

Email Jane to book your 3-day programme in-house to secure her availability.

To learn more about the Thinking Environment from the pioneer of the Thinking Environment, listen here to Jane’s interview with Nancy Kline.

What others have said…

Jane Emmanuel
Penna Plc
Master Coach

“I enjoyed the camaraderie of the group. I particularly valued Jane’s precision, structure and organization. Everything felt well planned and she demonstrated expert knowledge and confidence. I learned the power of the thinking environment, the importance of contracting and of the importance of words. I will embed Thinking Pairs into my coaching sessions and use at work with my colleagues.”

Mary Gregory
Penna Plc
Lead Coach

“Being able to share and experience with others in a true safe environment. It was useful to reflect and be able to challenge and gain insight. Taking time to think will be useful as well as the use of questions and the power of listening.’ Jake Watkins, Management Consultant, Penna Plc

‘You helped bring the books (Time to Think, More Time to Think – Nancy Kline) to life. My awareness is increased around what creates a ‘Thinking Environment’ – the components, the process and the questions. I learned the power of having space to think with a committed thinking partner.”

Jo Folacci
Executive and Corporate Coach

“I found the practical demonstrations (with Jane as the thinking partner and then as the coach) very helpful. I learned the value of the ‘paradox’ around being a thinking partner and to trust the system to facilitate a real paradigm shift.”

Jake Watkins
Penna Plc
Management Consultant

‘Being able to share and experience with others in a true safe environment. It was useful to reflect and be able to challenge and gain insight. Taking time to think will be useful as well as the use of questions and the power of listening.’ 

Jean-Yves Broussy

“Following the Thinking Partner Retreat, I have experienced great focus, breakthrough moments, courage and positive intent. I also recognise the power of appreciation. I would say to others about this experience ‘Do it!’.”