The MAG Foundation is a legacy from my late Dad, Michael A Glenister, 11.07.1935 – 29.4.2023. During his 88-year life Michael contributed hugely to the lives of others through his parenting, work and in his community.  He became a single parent to my brother and me in our junior school years.  In his early days he worked in hospitality and retail, serving others and helping younger team members develop their skills of the trade. Later Michael joined the wholesale food trade as an importer of spice, cereal and grains.  He served his customers until his early 80s. 

He developed the character traits of service, loyalty and respect. In his community Michael was part of the local school on the parent teacher committee and later as a school governor. He enjoyed sailing from a young age and a familiar face at his sailing club. He set up and ran a tennis club evening for 25 years as well as being the club treasurer. Michael volunteered in the local woodland trust and visited those in the community who wanted company, always with a gift in his hand.  Michael was a proud Grandfather of 5 and loved listening to the adventures of his grandchildren. He enjoyed listening to and helping others, and supporting education initiatives wherever he could.

Michael A Glenister

The purpose of the MAG Foundation is to enhance the lives of others through listening and leadership skill development, education opportunities and scholarships.

Together with my brother, Gordon, we set out the guiding principles for the MAG Foundation honouring Dad’s wishes as follows:

To learn of the impact of the MAG Foundation, please see our stories below as they are created, touching the hearts and lives of others.

Our first recipients from the MAG Foundation are a wonderful group of four teachers from the English College, Prague. The school’s philosophy is person-centred generating an environment where everyone matters. They are developing their listening and coaching skills to generate the finest independent thinking for each other and their students.

Teachers from the English College, Prague

The English College is special. Our focus is on how we learn more than what we learn. 

We are a community of lifelong learners who work collaboratively to not only master the curriculum but also to develop critical thinking skills and consider multiple perspectives. We aim to nurture our curiosity, engage with enthusiasm and reflect on what we learn so that we may develop our fullest potential.

Joining me for the 3-day Thinking Partnership Course, in the UK, the impact of the experience was kindly shared by one of the teachers, Anna:

” I would just love to say thank you for making the Thinking Partnership retreat such a truly unique experience for us. We all felt very lucky to have been given the opportunity to join you in your really beautiful home and to receive the training in the intimate and safe place you invited us in to. Going for the re-energising walks in the afternoon is a genius thing to do by the way and it was lovely to see some of the gorgeous countryside that surrounds your home. I’m very excited about the Thinking Partnership and am really looking forward to working with the ten components in our school. “