Are you looking to improve your personal or professional relationships?
Do you want to develop further your interpersonal communication?
Are you keen to find ways of confronting unwanted behaviour in others?
Better listening leads to better discernment leads to better relationships. Imagine you could improve every single one of your relationships—personal or professional—by discovering more about yourself and how you interact with others.
If you answered YES to any of these questions. This programme is for you.


The strength of your organisation or team is directly related to the strength of the individual relationships within. Strong relationships fuel greater collaboration, help people navigate through change, increase fulfilment and reduce conflict. Relationships are built, re-built, and nurtured through conversation. While many have focused on transmitting information through the development of speech, debate and presentation skills, most have not spent equal effort learning how to listen in a way that values people, actualizes care, and leads to greater discernment. Learning this skill, as a leader or team member, has the power to transform relationships and organisations, one connection at a time.
Join our interactive workshop or bring it in-house for your team or individuals across the organisation to develop greater inclusion, collaboration and effectiveness.
Here’s how it works
For maximum impact, the full 2-day programme, through a deeply personal exploration of how you listen, relate, discern and communicate, you’ll: 
  • Explore how the Communication Cycle forms the foundation of all of your interpersonal communication;
  • Improve your ability to attentively listen and see how it can be the most important thing a person can do for another;
  • Appreciate the impact your non-verbal behaviour has on your verbal communication;
  • Develop a more effective way to have difficult conversations;
  • See and celebrate the good in others; see and celebrate the good in yourself.
The Benefits
  • Empower others through the skill of empathetic listening.
  • Deliver feedback that is clear and readily received.
  • Build and preserve relationships through effective feedback skills when behaviour change is needed.
  • Learn recognition and celebration practices to encourage behaviours you want to see more of in your organisation.
  • Be equipped with the tools to have deeper, more meaningful relationships and inspired by the course’s ability to bring about a more compassionate world.
Workshop for 12-25 delegates. Available as a one-day workshop or split over two separate days.  
In house at your organisation. Contact Jane for availability.
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£995 + VAT per delegate, 2-day programme

What others have said…

“Enlightening, collaborative, great fun”
“Insightful, informative, thought provoking”
“Interesting, connecting, open”