Team Facilitation – In A Thinking Environment®

Are you looking for an external facilitator for your team meeting or offsite so that you can generate the best quality thinking for yourself and your team?
I offer team facilitation in a Thinking Environment®, a sustainable, practical and dependable system for personal growth and understanding developed by Nancy Kline and Time to Think[1]
The Thinking Environment is based upon an observation; that everything we do in life depends upon the quality of the thinking we do first. The Thinking Environment acknowledges the key to that quality of our thinking depends upon the way we are being treated by the people around us while we are thinking. So far, we have discovered 10 behaviours or components to be the most powerful in facilitating high quality independent thinking.
These are elements of behaviour that some people already use every day. Becoming aware of them and of the power they have to generate new thinking in others is a real revelation. These are elements like attention, ease and equality, developed in a specific and careful way that respects everyone’s ability to think and to be part of a thinking environment.
To discuss your facilitation requirements further and for me to understand your business context and what you want to achieve for the day.