Executive Leadership – Coaching


Are your days back to back with activity with no time to think?

Do you feel frustrated with the organisational structure or politics, ability to influence effectively, lack of sponsorship or resources?

Do you want to achieve more with your team for your business?

Many Executives I work with today, have little time, if any, to think through issues and challenges in the way they would like to, e.g. to find solutions for sustainable results. Many Executives I work with today experience a feeling of frustration within the organisational structure, complexity of matrix reporting lines, increased regulatory pressures, and lengthy periods of time with insufficient resources.
If you answered YES to the questions above, here is how I can help you:
With a background of 30 years in the City in Professional and Financial services, my experience as an HR Director and Executive Coach has provided me with skills and knowledge of how people develop, the impact of leadership in creating a sustainable and profitable business together with mastering a coach approach in leadership.

I am a Master Certified Coach with the ICF with over 3,000 coaching hours within Professional and Financial Services. My coach training is underpinned by an NLP Master Practitioner Certification, a Post Grad in Psychological Coaching, an accreditation as a Time to Think Coach, Facilitator and Teacher together with a blend of other workshops and trainings from appreciative enquiry, systems based coaching and solutions-focused coaching.

I have witnessed huge steps forward, transformations, deep discovery and sustainable results in my clients and I want this for you too.

Here’s how it works…

Consider what you most want to achieve from your coaching. Focused areas, tailored to you, may include;

  • Enhancing effective leadership and strategic thinking.
  • Leading across cultures and having courageous conversations.
  • Developing personal brand and sense of gravitas.
  • Enhancing communication skills for greater influence and impact.
  • Developing greater self-awareness, relationship building and engagement.
  • Sustaining high performance in teams.


  • You will be listened to, in a way unlike any other,and to think through your key issues, challenges in a confidential, non-judgement and objective environment.
  • Your thinking will be challenged with laser like questions to uncover what might be getting in the way.
  • You will discover more about yourself and how you impact others.
  • You will gather more information from my insights to support your further thinking.
  • You will discover new insights, breakthroughs and ways forward.
  • You will feel encouraged and supported to take action.

The process:

  1. A free initial telephone call to establish what you want to achieve from your coaching and mutual commitment to working together.
  2. We outline coaching outcomes with key measures of success and agree coaching contract.
  3. 360 degree interviews with up to 8 contributors together anonymous themed report and feedback session.
  4. Communications styles inventory to assess your preferred communication style and discover how to adapt your style to match the needs of others
  5. 1/2 day facilitation with your team and observation of you in action.
  6. We have 6 x 90 minute coaching meetings focused on relevant coaching outcomes.
  7. You have unlimited telephone and email support in between coaching sessions.
  8. I provide relevant models and effective frameworks, relevant articles, publications, reading provided to support coaching outcomes.

“As a result of working with Jane, I have experienced some tangible results in relation to my leadership effectiveness. I have received more than 20% increase from our recent employee survey with a 100% employee satisfaction in my leadership effectiveness from my direct reports. I valued our experience of working together and Jane facilitating the conversations so that I came up with the solutions for myself. ” Laura Weatherup, Head of Investment Operations, Columbia Threadneedle.

and take the first step to arrange your initial call

Thank you for taking an interest in what I have to offer and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jane Adshead-Grant, owner of JaneAdsheadGrant.com and Ashvale Consultancy Limited.

What others have said…

Ian Davis
Head of EMT

“I found an instant connection with Jane – she asked excellent and challenging questions and allowed me to find the answers. Wherever possible we used real events, rather than hypothetical, and the relevance aided the sessions significantly. What I really liked was that our sessions were practical and always gave me immediate learnings to practice with. It was a privilege working with Jane. As a result of our coaching I developed greater resilience (finding a way through, not giving up, asking ‘how else can I do this?’) connection, engaging with team members more often, short but valuable exchanges, improved communication and agility (working more flexibly and sustaining an effective business model through agile working)”

Catherine Sin
Senior Marketing Strategy Manager, B2B

“Before I embarked on this journey, I had no idea what coaching really meant and what it could do for me. Looking back at the past year, I am overwhelmed by how much I have achieved as a leader – thanks to Jane. She is both kind and thoughtful. She created a safe environment for me to truly be me, unlocking my thoughts, and allowing me to think for myself, by myself. Till this day I’ve been benefiting from these invaluable incisive questions: ‘If I knew I couldn’t fail, how’d I show up?’; ‘If I knew I could say and be in charge of what I believe in, and learn from it, how would I focus on developing me to be even better?’. Thank you Jane, for helping me to be one step closer to my purpose, for encouraging me to be the best I can be – and I know I will continue to unleash the strength within myself and others.”

Archana Ram
AmericanAirlines.Com International – Digital platforms
Head AmericanAirlines.Com International

“It was a privilege to have the opportunity to be coached by Jane , I was in her Inspire like a leader session and I thoroughly enjoyed her sessions as she gave real world examples, encouraged each leader to challenge ourselves to thought leadership! I highly recommend Jane and count yourselves lucky if you have an opportunity to meet her!”

Bonnie Herche
Senior Director Consumer Marketing

“I feel especially fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Jane through a moment in time that would have challenged even the most experienced of leader. Through our work together I was able to gain the self-awareness and courage to tackle the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and identify values that would help me to release the fear in my path forward.Through deep listening and reflective questioning Jane brings you to a level introspection I’ve never gotten to before. I’ve been able to do the work, answer some complicated questions, and feel optimistic about what lies ahead thanks to my time with Jane. I do hope that every leader has the opportunity to participate in coaching, and I couldn’t recommend enough that you do it with Jane!”

Adrian Shooter
Global Head of Talent Acquisition, PMI

“Jane provides a climate of safety, warmth, and humanity in her interactions. She genuinely made me feel that everyone matters and I had the personal power within to solve many of my problems. As an HR professional she was also pragmatic and could contextualize many of the situations I found myself in. Her ability to ask the right questions was impressive. Jane is a safe space, authentic, positive, a hyper listener, impressive questioner who applies her coaching expertise to any context.”