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If you are like most of my clients, you are a high achiever.  You are committed to being your best self and succeeding at what you do.  You strive to be even better and to grow personally and professionally and reach your potential. You want to generate a positive impact with those you interact with.  You want to feel valued for the contribution you make.

But something keeps getting the way.

Others seem to get noticed and promoted ahead of you.  You sometimes lack confidence and don’t feel what others see in your leadership potential. You take on too much and feel tired and stressed out. You feel that you need to get your voice heard.

Does this sound like you?

Do you lack clarity on your own brand of leadership?
Do you wish you could communicate and influence with impact?
Do you desire stronger business relationships and a wider stakeholder network?
Do you hope for greater executive presence so that you will be noticed and promoted?
Do you find it difficult to let go, making the shift from management to leadership?
Do you wish you had a coach/mentor to encourage and support you along the way to be the best and get the best from others?

If so, you’re not alone.  We have all felt this way.

I know what it feels like

I know what it feels like to lack clarity in who you are as a leader and have a clear personal brand.  I know what it feels like to doubt your own capability and success. I know the struggle of letting go of what you love to do.  For years, I wrestled with acknowledging what I was capable of.  I struggled to get off the treadmill.  I doubted my own level of success.

Moving through the ranks from a PA to an HR Director within professional and financial services and now an Executive Coach in my third career, I have faced the reality that there is always more to be done than there is time. I realised that what gets in the way of us achieving what we want, is having the time and space to think well, to think independently.  I realised that so often we hold untrue limiting assumptions about our self, another or a situation which prevent us being our most creative and courageous in achieving our aspirations.

And it can be different.

Today, as a master certified coach with the ICF and an accredited coach, facilitator and teacher of the Thinking Environment®, I can help you to think with rigour, courage and imagination to get clear, feel confident, be creative and courageous in pursuit of your goals so that you can lead and succeed.

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Jane created an environment for me to really stop and think about what was holding me back in my career.  She allowed me the space to not to just simply externalise issues but to understand how my behaviours (or my lack of “leaning-in”) were actively impacting the future.  I had deep seated assumptions which were impacting my everyday – and these incorrect assumptions were bringing the past into my future.  Shaking off these assumptions allowed me to grow in confidence and actually reengage with the business.  The impact on me, my team, and the perception of senior leaders has been transformatory.
Anita Grant, Partner, Deloitte

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