The impact of developing further our Emotional Intelligence

JAG & Sandra Thompson

I had the recent privilege of being in conversation with Sandra Thompson, lecturer, the UK’s first Daniel Goleman accredited Emotional Intelligence (EI) coach and business woman.

During our time together I asked Sandra to share her thoughts and experiences from how she got started in studying and teaching EI to what are some of the obstacles and how we might overcome them in developing further our EI.

Some highlights from our conversation include:

1) How to get started in developing your EI? To know you have choice in whether to react or respond to the situation.

2) What is the impact of developing further our EI? It generates more peace and calm in the way we deal with situations and challenges life throws us. It enables us to save time and become more efficient in our decision making. It allows us to have deeper relationships with others.

3) How do we mitigate some of the challenges in developing our EI? Start with small steps and practice regularly and you will have re-wired your brain to be more emotionally intelligent.

In answer to another of my questions, Sandra also shares a secret about Emotional Intelligence . . .

You can listen to our full conversation here:

You can read the full transcript of our conversation here: The impact of developing our Emotional Intelligence with Sandra Thompson


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