Six Tips for Emerging Leaders


Where do you see yourself in the future?  Do you want to lead people at your work or in your community?  Emerging leaders have to prove they are ready for the task of leadership.  Try these six tips to get yourself ready for that next step.

1. Be Responsible

Learn to be responsible in all areas of your life.  Remember you are the one in charge of your career and personal development. Even if you have a college degree, do not stop learning; go to workshops and conferences.  By learning, you can develop new perspectives and skills, especially in if you’re in the area of technology which changes quickly.  By keeping up with changes, you can prove your willingness to grow and pass those skills onto potential subordinates.

2. Play Your Strengths

If you do not have the answers, learn to ask questions from those who do. Know your strengths when pursuing a new task. As you begin to develop and succeed, keep a running log book on these successes. The successes are your strengths which can be utilized at a later date.  While you develop your strengths, remember to keep your integrity.  A person who can show integrity will develop followers.  People want to be able to put their trust in the person who is leading them.

3. Be Creative

Emerging leaders need to get creative on certain projects.  If a project has not elicited the desired outcome in the past, learn to take a new creative approach. Take the initiative to try the new approach, share your vision on the project with others. In business, the new creative approach may bring success to project becoming a lucrative venture.

4. Find a Mentor

An emerging leader needs a good mentor. They should be someone who has successfully gone down the same desired path you would like to travel.  The mentor can give insight on the business or community project. Along with a mentor, learn to be around others who have the same desire for the future as you do.  Developing a support system while rising to become a leader can help during the tough times.

5. Develop Communication Skills

An emerging leader needs to learn the value of communication.  A leader must be able to get people on board with a project or vision of the future.  A good leader can inspire people to follow and work toward a desired outcome.  Developing communication skills are vital for your success as a leader.

6. Show Empathy

A leader who can show compassion will develop a connection with their followers.  By showing you care about the project or cause, you are developing your skills toward an effective leader.  Having empathy shows your followers, you can relate to the project or cause on a personal level.

When you have the desire to learn, an emerging leader can turn into a great one.  If you want to be a leader in a company or within the community, focus on what is needed to get you where you would like to be in the future.  By working hard, you can achieve the goal.

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