Part 2: An exclusive interview with Nancy Kline – benefits and qualities of a Thinking Environment


Nancy Kline has pioneered the Thinking Environment since 1985, and is best known for her books and work on Time to Think – Listening to Ignite the Human Mind and More Time to Think – the Power of Independent Thinking and more recently Living with Time to Think – the Goddaughter Letters.

In this second part of our interview, you will learn about the benefits of creating a Thinking Environment, which include:

  • the generation of fresh, useful, creative independent thinking in each person
  • increased self-esteem
  • saves time and increased energy

Nancy describes four of many essential qualities that we can offer and demonstrate to one another to generate independent thinking in others.

We discuss whether the Thinking Environment will work for anyone in any environment. Nancy suggests, “probably, and as long as there is a mutual commitment to independent thinking” and the question is, “do we want people to think for themselves?” The challenge is the requirement for obedience over and above independence.

You will hear some fascinating examples of where the Thinking Environment is working – in an amazing and profound way with impressive results such as where an African country saved 42% of its entire revenue by implementing a Thinking Environment process in one meeting

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