Never forget those who matter most to you and your business

Never forgot those who matter most to you and your business

Receiving an award for Best Executive Coaching, South East England was a proud moment for me this week and it would not have been possible without YOU. Thank you. I believe it is important to never forget those who matter most to you and your business and so I made this short video on my Facebook page to share the experience of unwrapping the award with you.

I have been privileged to accompany hundreds of clients over the years on their journey to discover and experience personal and professional growth so they could achieve their goals. You may be one of them reading this post today.

Winning this award got me thinking about my own journey to where I am today and who helped me on my way. Like many of you in your careers, I have had my ups and downs, opportunities and challenges, successes and failures.

I am proud to celebrate the success with you, although it is fair to say it has not always been plain sailing. There were times when developing my career as an executive coach felt overwhelming.

Pursing my post grad diploma whilst developing my business, serving my clients and being a wife and mum of two small children, at times, took its toll and left me feeling exhausted.

Keeping my commitments to my fellow coaching colleagues, fitting in ‘buddy’ coaching sessions at 7.30 am before my working day to practice our coaching with each other was a stretch at times.

Bouncing back after meeting potential clients, only to discover they have chosen someone else to work with at times impacted my confidence. Putting myself through gruelling coaching assessment panels only to be told I was unsuccessful as they were looking for more ‘consultant’ like coaches.

Working with clients who, when I listen to their challenges, recognise I am listening to what I too was struggling with and accepting this was an opportunity for me to learn and grow myself.

And finally balancing my own needs for rest and recharge when the week had been spent in service of others.

I wanted to share with you today 4 key enablers that helped me navigate these challenges:

  1. Having a strong team of support. My husband who has been a huge encourager of me and my work. My best friend who spent and continues to spend hours listening to my thoughts when I am faced with challenges and competing demands. My PA, who efficiently manages my diary and proactively considers my needs to serve my clients. My friends and family who offered their support and encouragement, even if they didn’t know the detailed nature of my work.
  2. Developing more impactful habits. Being able to bounce back when a potential client, decided to work with another coach, despite the fact we had enjoyed a positive connection. In reality they were looking for something other than what I offered. Adopting a mindset of growth and knowing that my failures are part of my success. Without them I would not grow and develop as a person or a coach. Learning and relearning to manage my boundaries so that I could be the Mum I want to be as well as the professional I want to be.
  3. Engaging a supervisor and mentor. Being able to share my thoughts and sometimes challenging coaching sessions with my supervisor helped me to reframe and learn more about myself as a coach. Working with a mentor to sharpen my coaching skills and deepen my experience has been invaluable. Similarly working with other like minded coaches who sought to develop and advance their coaching skills has been not only a great benefit but also afforded me the friendship with some highly skilled coaches around the world.
  4. Staying on track with my purpose. Why I wanted to become a coach and why I do what I do. Being a coach has given me the opportunity to release my passion for serving others and facilitating their growth. Giving others the opportunity to be listened to for who they are, what they really want and how they can achieve that is what gets me out of bed everyday. (As well as nudging our teenage girls to get up for school!)

If you can relate to anything I share here, drop me a line. I would love to hear what works well for you when navigating the challenges our lives present us with and the success you have achieved along the way.

A huge thank you to all of you who made this award possible for me. I am delighted to receive it and share it with you.


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