Nancy Kline shares MORE about the Thinking Environment


I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Kline, pioneer of the Thinking Environment(TM), once more on her return from a recent trip to South Africa.  In this short interview, Nancy shares more about her reflections on the Thinking Partnership and its application.

I ask Nancy to explain further her metaphor of the two worlds of thinking – the world of Exchange Thinking and the world of Independent Thinking.

We discuss the challenges of listening to ignite the mind of another and the importance of contracting.

Finally I ask Nancy the question ‘How do we know when someone has thought fully for themselves, before they need our thinking?’

Nancy also offered more of her time to answer YOUR questions and I am delighted to share the recording we made for you.

I hope you enjoy these short interviews and hearing more from Nancy who continues to inspire me in all that she does and her passion in creating a world where we can shine brightly through our own independent thinking.

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This is wonderful. Thank you Jane for inviting Nancy to record this interview. I learn something new every time I hear from Nancy Kline. I would love to know more about your own coaching practice and how you bring the Thinking Environment in for your clients.

Hi Gayle, so glad you enjoyed listening. Drop me an email with your details and I will be happy to share more with you how I work with my clients as a Thinking Environment using the Thinking Partnership framework. Have a look at my Developing a Thinking Environment Training programme under Coaching and Training too where you can read what others have said following their experience of training with me.

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