The secret in how to dress for success

The secret in how to dress for success

What assumptions do others make about you in relation to what you are wearing?  Does it matter?

Have you ever had that awkward feeling when you have either over dressed or under dressed for an occasion? I remember going to a friend’s party where the dress code was black tie and we dressed for the occasion.  However, when we arrived, we discovered the dress code had been changed at the last minute to lounge suits.  We saw the funny side of it and several of our friends approached my husband thinking he was the guy serving the drinks for the evening!

It is true however, what we wear to work not only makes a difference how others perceive us, it also makes a difference in how we feel about ourselves.  One of best investments I made was visiting an image consultant, initially some 25 years ago who helped me identify what colours best suited me.

Many years later, I met Mandy Griffiths, an expert style and image consultant.  Together with my Mum and step-sister we had a great day out learning about the style of clothes that best suited us in relation to our personality and the lives we led together with how to create an outfit from the clothes we wore.

I recently recorded a short video with Mandy, to share with you tips that I discovered on how to make your clothes into an outfit so that you can dress for success and create positive assumptions about who you are and what you do. Gentlemen, this is for you as well although the items are different.



Stepping into a leadership role requires you to pay attention to the image you portray in what you wear.  Similarly visiting clients in an environment that is different from your own will require you to think about what clothes to wear e.g. is their environment more or less formal than your own?

Richard Branson has recently suggested that in order to be more creative – you should lose the tie!  Take a look at his article here for another view suggesting that even in the corporate world, we could perhaps become more informal in the way we dress – what do you think? Do take a look at the comments section for a variety of views on this subject!

When you feel good about the clothes you are wearing in that they fit you well, the colour and style suits you, it will also boost your confidence. Imagine giving a presentation, or running a meeting and you know you look good in what you are wearing, it will impact your performance and others will make positive assumptions about you based on what you are wearing as well as what you are saying.

What have you noticed in how people perceive you in relation to what you wear?

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Elizabeth Arthur

A very powerful visual display from Mandy- even watching this without sound you would get it.

It is amazing the difference our accessories make and worth making the effort to include them as it adds to the impression we want to create. Thank you for your comments.

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