How to Create a People-Centric Culture, Build Trust & Inspire Performance

Join us for an interactive workshop based on the case study of a global multi-billion pound business, with offices throughout the UK and worldwide, that creates harmony between people, purpose and performance. Explore the mindset, tools and techniques employed by Barry Wehmiller, and studied by Harvard Business School, to create a vibrant culture, replicated across more than 100 acquisitions and 25+ years of annual revenue growth.

12th February, 10.00 – 5.00 pm, Central London, UK
• Align your Purpose: How great leaders and organisations inspire and align performance through the way they think, act and communicate.
• Build Trust: Building trust resides in simple learned behaviours that, when
understood and practised, create accelerated performance.
• Develop Potential: Practice toolsets to develop future leaders, help people in
solving their own problems and increase the capacity for leadership decision making in your organisation.
• Connect with People: Learn a simple formula for inspiring the behaviours you want to see more of.

The event includes networking opportunities over lunch to engage with fellow leaders on how to move from ideas to implementation.

Workshop facilitators, Jane Adshead-Grant and Hugo Heij care deeply about creating environments where everybody matters and developing leaders who have the privilege of leading others.