An unconventional way to develop your leadership brand

10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Good Listener

Previously I have written about practical ways of being a more effective communicator. Today I hone in on an unconventional way of developing your personal leadership brand.

I want to start by acknowledging one of my clients, Steven (I have changed the name for confidentiality).  Steven sought greater clarity on what he wanted to achieve in this chapter of his work and life. He wanted to develop more passion for the business in which he worked and to be an inspiration to others.

Steven was feeling disengaged, demotivated and somewhat frustrated.  He hated being in limbo and questioned his own level of ambition. He even considered ‘checking out’ and what alternative career options he might pursue. He is a valued employee and his organisation don’t want to lose him.

Steven came to coaching not knowing what to expect and was surprised at what he achieved for himself. Through our coaching Steven has had some amazing results.

He became unstuck and achieved clarity about he wanted and didn’t want from his work and life. He is now re-engaged with his role and is making a bigger contribution to the organisation as a whole. He has a greater sense of self-worth.

Steven increased his impact in his communication based upon his capacity to listen differently. [tweetthis]He now listens to generate the thinking of others.[/tweetthis]

Finally, he is being recognised as an inspirational leader that others want to follow and model their own leadership on.



Listening, in my experience is hugely underrated as a critical skill in leadership. So, together with my good friend Eilidh Milnes, we recorded another podcast to share with you.

Listening in the ways I describe in this podcast is one of the reasons Steven developed his personal leadership brand to such a great effect.  If you prefer to read the transcript, you can do so here.
If you want to achieve the same results as Steven, listen in now.

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