7 practical steps to gain clarity

7 practical steps to gain clarity

Do you sometimes feel unclear of where you are going or what you want to do?

During my own career whilst I knew broadly the direction of my travel, I didn’t know how to get there.  Over the years, I have developed ways of getting clear and staying on track. I have also helped many others get clear on what they want and who they want to become in order to fulfil their professional careers.

In this short video, I share with you 7 practical steps that will help you gain clarity so that you can achieve what you want for yourself.

If you would like to read the full transcript, you can download it here.

In summary to discover what you want and how to get take some time out and consider these 7 steps to help you on your way:

#1 Create opportunities for yourself to discover what you like and what you dislike.  What you are good at and less good at.

#2 Enlist the support of a coach or mentor who will listen and ask you about what it is important to you.

# 3 Create a personal vision of where you want to be, who else will be with you, what you will be doing. Write it down or draw it to create a vision board.

#4 Set and achieve goals to keep you on track of where you want to be.

#5 Step back to gain a new or different perspective of where you are, what you have discovered and check in with your personal vision.

#6 Create space for yourself to think through what is really important to you and why you want to do what you set out to do or who you set out to become.

#7 Review your progress. Ask yourself ‘am I on track for where I want to be?’

How about you, how do you find clarity? Please leave your comments in the box below, I would love to hear from you. Or if you want to some help to think through the next chapter of your professional life and gain clarity on the next steps, contact me for a free initial conversation to see how I might be able to support you.