4 Ways To Discover Your Creativity

4 Ways To Discover Your Creativity

Innovator. Thought Leader. Ingenious.

Do you want to be known for these personality characteristics as a business person or leader? Of course you do…

If you are going to become a leader, or are one already, then you know the importance of problem-solving. Discovering creativity within yourself will boost your ability to cultivate the uncommon talent of implementing innovative tactics for the problems of those you are leading.

I have listed 4 ways of discovering creativity within yourself. These should help you to develop the potential to lead boldly – unafraid, ready and willing to go out and get positively creative things done. Please stay with me until the end, because that’s where the real “action” is.

1. Originality

Originality is a must for proven leadership. If you are trying to become like everyone else, then creativity gets pushed to the side. Discovering creativity within yourself takes courage. Maybe you have been afraid to get to know your unique strengths. If that’s the case, then I encourage you to muster up some courage and go for it. Ask others for what they see in you to help you hone those strengths. Allow your natural creativity to emerge.

2. Learn  

Stay current in discovering creativity by attending leadership events and seminars. Also, it’s good to be open to allowing a coach or mentor demonstrate the ways in which others have developed their own creative potential. Watch what others do. Not that you should copy them verbatim, but so you can get an idea of what powerful, creative leaders are doing and how they are doing it.

3. Have an open mind

We all have our own opinions about life and the way things work. It doesn’t mean you are limited to your current state of mind. Try seeing things from both sides of view. Many people wrongly believe that creativity does not have to make sense. If creativity had no logic to back it up, chaos would ensue. As a leader, you want to avoid confusion and disorder at all costs, whilst still allowing your mind to expand by being curious and open to ‘out-of-the-box’ possibilities.

4. Take action

Do you want to see results? All that hard work you put into your life should not go to waste. When you learn something new, don’t just move onto the next blog. Do something with that information. Be productive and take action.

Make a plan and start gathering the necessary tools you need to achieve your goals. Real leaders always take action and follow through. Developing creativity takes time and determination. No one is ever stuck unless they want to be. It’s a choice you have to make.


Thank you for reading about the 4 ways of discovering creativity within yourself. I hope that you will keep learning, and take action. If you are not sure what it means to develop your creativity in your business or profession, I’m available to answer your questions and coach you – feel free to e-mail me.