3 Ways of Developing Curiosity as an Emerging Leader

3 Ways of Developing Curiosity as an Emerging Leader

Knowledge. Inquisitiveness. Interest.

These are the characteristics that embody curiosity. As we go through the 3 quick ways of developing curiosity as an emerging leader, you will discover the reasons why developing curiosity is vital to becoming a great leader.

1. Be Open-Minded

Open-mindedness helps with developing curiosity. If you are closed off to the world, then you are not a curious person. It’s not a bad thing to be curious – it’s natural. We were born with the childlike necessity to “know” things. If you have a gift of knowledge or wisdom, then there’s a good chance you have a high curiosity level – which also means that you are probably a natural born leader.

We easily make assumptions by closing ourselves off to data and facts. Keeping an open-mind is vital in order to combat assumptions. Making assumptions causes us to block the ideas of others out and can foster a bitter spirit within. As we learn more about developing curiosity, we eliminate this bitterness and become more compassionate leaders.

2. Listen Intently

If you are an emerging leader, then learning to listen intently is vital to the process of growth. We all have greatness in us – it’s a choice we must make if we desire to see that greatness come to life. As leaders, we must be there for our employees and followers, show them our potential so they can “follow” us and do the same.

Listening intently helps us to get to know others on a deep level. You can manage others better when you know who they really are. You will gain more insight as to what’s going on in others’ minds. Being curious cultivates your listening skills if this is a difficult area for you.

How do your employees behave and why? Are you asking the right questions? Are you truly attempting to get to know them on a personal basis? Try focusing on others around you, get your eyes off of yourself, and show compassion by listening intently. You will be highly respected and rewarded in ways that go beyond financial increase.

3. Lighten Up

As leaders, we tend to take life too seriously at times. It’s vital that we are light-hearted so that we don’t get too stressed out. Stress is a cause for serious health issues that could get in the way of our mission in life. Most, if not all leaders, are naturally inclined to be too serious.

When we are stressed or too stiff and starchy, our curiosity tends to be suppressed.

Many people we work with or lead on a daily basis can be a cause for frustration. Remember, not one of us is perfect on this earth. If we lighten up, it will help us to forgive our employees, and be more presentable in our tone of voice and overall attitude towards them. You don’t gain desired respect as an emerging leader from others through outbursts of anger or being overly controlling.

Embrace life, yourself, and others. When you are compassionate with yourself, it’s easier to act the same towards everyone else. If you are willing to accept anything that comes your way, without fear, your curiosity levels will rise.

When you are open-minded, listen intently, and lighten up it will help to foster courage within. As leaders, we come up against many problems and trials that must be overcome.

Fear and anxiety block out courage and creativity. How can you make the right decisions if they are based in fear? 

Do leave a comment below to let me know what you think – how do you foster curiosity?




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Elizabeth Arthur

A lovely thought provoking guide Jane. Lighten up made me smile as it is so often overlooked, being easier on ourselves, and others, creates a more natural flow. Bringing humour in to lighten the load goes a long way, when we relax we absolutely become more open and you are so right – we become curious. Thank you for sharing your incisive thinking.

It is so true Elizabeth, there are many ways we can become curious. Being open minded is one of the keys to success.

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