3 Reasons why and how curiosity will improve your effectiveness (part 2)

3 Reasons why and how curiosity will improve your effectiveness (part 1)

How to be curious

There are many ways to develop curiosity:

  1. Start developing a love for books. Read material on different topics. A great way to start is to look for books on topics that interest you. It could be biographies of people you are impressed with, it could be the latest bestsellers, or you might want to search for the book of your favorite movie.
  2. Take down notes as you read. Buy the books so you can write notes on the books or highlight the parts that intrigue you. This will help you expand your curiosity as you look up those highlighted passages and get a deeper understanding of the material you are reading. At the same time, you are developing your curiosity and going beyond what the book is offering you.
  3. Visit libraries, museums, art galleries, and bookstores instead of relying entirely on the Internet. There is something magical about holding material rather than staring at a digital screen. In addition, you experience a more sensory adventure being inside a bookstore or library as you find yourself seeing titles you would not otherwise see from your computer.
  4. Be open to asking what might sound like a dumb question. There is a lot to learn and starting from the basics is the best way to start. Plus, it’s the simple questions that can get a conversation going. Being an effective leader is not just about being intelligent and speaking well. It is also about being willing to admit that you don’t know everything.

Curiosity also makes you a better leader for others

A great way to motivate others is to show them how curiosity can improve their lives. By doing this you not only become a more effective leader, you help others realise their dreams as well.

In fact, curiosity is a powerful leadership tool. It improves critical thinking, fosters better understanding between people, establishes goals and commitments, and creates opportunities for everyone to be a success in their skills and strengths.

Your staff or team will thrive under a leadership that includes curiosity because curiosity can:

  • Suspend assumptions and provide an open field
  • Provides a forum for everyone to speak freely and without fear of judgment
  • Enables teamwork to be more seamless as everyone gets on the same page, so to speak
  • Strengthens listening skills and good communication habits

And most important of all, curiosity empowers people by acknowledging each one’s self worth. To be a great leader, you can start by asking questions like “What are you thoughts on ….” Or “What do you see as challenges (opportunities) ….?

You can also ask each team member individually what you can do to help them do their job better. Then, listen, really listen, to their answers and build a working relationship that is based on trust and sincerity.

[tweetthis]When you show curiosity about the members of your team, you are letting each one know that he/she is important and worth getting to know.[/tweetthis] And that makes part of what effective leadership is all about.

If you want develop further your curiosity and self-awareness to enhance your personal leadership, contact me for a free initial call to see how I might support you.

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