The term executive is the role given to someone responsible for running an organisation. A business executive creates plans to help their organisations grow. A typical business executive will have numerous responsibilities including setting the corporate strategy, managing large operational divisions, designing the marketing plans and creating a culture for success. A large part of a business executive’s role is to develop relationships – both inside and outside of the organisation with clients, customers or contributors.

A business executive is, therefore, essentially a leader, and thus executive leadership coaching is crucial to any organisation if it is to run smoothly. This article will outline the various factors that make executive leadership coaching fundamental and indispensable for the organisation, of whatever type or size.

Every team needs its leaders.

As an executive leader you will work closely with a team of senior managers to ensure the organisation follows the agreed plans. Executive leadership is a craft not a job. Creating a vision, setting the strategy and developing a culture for success requires a subtle mix of skills. As an executive leader you will need to make decisions, effectively. This involves receiving and considering information from others, listening and thinking well as you make the final decision to ensure efficiency.

The most competent leaders are those who get results.

The most effective executive leaders are those who combine the skills of leadership with the capabilities of self-management. Much research is published on the core leadership behaviours which include:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Personal leadership
  • Communication of vision and strategy
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Effective engagement
  • Creating and leading teams effectively
  • Planning and leading change
  • Managing performance
  • Creating a culture for open and honest dialogue
  • Commercial acumen
  • Client / customer focus

An effective executive leader recognises his strengths and knows his weaknesses. She is emotionally intelligent and will seek to capitalise on those strengths and hire good people to fill the areas she is less strong in. Some will recognise they need to sharpen their leadership skills and adapt their style given the changing nature of the landscape in which they now find themselves.

Combining these behaviours with leadership skills will enable you to achieve results on time, every time. The sustainability of your results will depend upon the engagement of your team – after all you achieve your results through your team’s performance.

Leadership also means engagement of your team.

Without your team you are without results. Engaging your team requires effective communication. Letting them know where the organisation is going, how it intends to get there and what part they can play in achieving that vision. As an executive leader, engaging your team requires setting expectations – expectations for success. You will need to manage performance. If a team member gives you a hard time or begins to jeopardise the success of the desired task at hand, you need to manage them and if necessary, let them go. You may have heard it said that if you lose your authority once, you can never hope to get it back again.

Executive leadership coaching seminars can help you to develop yourself.

There are a wide variety of executive leadership coaching seminars offered, usually for a large fee and they can help you to become not only a better leader, but a better human being, socially, emotionally and spiritually. I also offer 1-1 executive leadership coaching and seminarsfor small groups, which may be better suited to your learning style and have that personal aspect which can help excel your learning.

An ideal executive leadership style will build trust with your people and heighten your “emotional intelligence,” enabling you to achieve more professionally and become more satisfied with yourself and others. It will also enable you to develop high-level communication skills, which are a necessity in all areas of human interaction, and not just in business. Too many business executives, unfortunately, lack confidence in their own ability to lead and manage others and to get them to work together effectively.

About me – how I can help you.

My name is Jane Adshead-Grant, and I am an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. I have had 25 years of experience in professional and financial services within human resources and coaching, and I feel passionate about personal development. I want to help and support you in your quest to accomplish your goals and achieve what you want for you and your organisation. Most of all, I believe that you have within you the resources necessary to achieve your desires, though they may be untapped or hidden. You will be amazed to discover the wonderful things from which you are made!

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