Laura Mimoun, Senior Brand Manager,
PepsiCo Juice, United Kingdom
As a coach, Jane created a safe environment where I was able to be completely open about what was bothering me about my work. Jane did not do my thinking for me, but was instead razor-sharp in asking questions which required me to get to the heart of what I wanted to achieve and what was preventing me. It was these challenging questions which got me to explore ideas deeply, bringing a new clarity and energy both during and after the session.
Miranda Brockman, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer
Thanks again for the inspiring delivery and content of your mentoring programme, I was definitely motivated and will ensure I use the techniques and tools I learnt in my mentoring sessions whether as a mentee or in the future as a Mentor.
Christopher Ashton, Global Equity Products, ING
In attending Jane’s Time to Think Foundation Programme, I valued the energy release from thinking out loud, the excitement generated through application and the approach has for all relationships in my life. I discovered that questions, carefully framed unlock so much potential. I will apply these applications for leadership development, collaborating with friends and most of all with my clients.
Practice Director, Financial Services
Working with Jane has been invaluable in plotting out my overall approach and strategy to hone my overall commercial business case. Using the sessions as time-out working sessions helped with immediate challenges. As a result of our coaching, I have successfully delivered three high profile presentations and adopted the soft listening skills. I would describe Jane as engaging, professional, someone who genuinely cares about the coachee and their outcomes, and tries innovative ideas and techniques.
John Middlemiss, Director, Financial Services, Deloitte
I have been on lots of courses and have worked with coaches before but I found Jane to be exceptional. She is a very powerful listener and knows how to take what you give and help you shape it to address your issues, concerns and development needs. She facilitated me thinking through those things I wanted to address and enabled me to come up with the answers which were right for me. This coaching has had a significant impact. For the first time in a number of years I am clear what I want out of my role and life. More importantly though it has helped me further develop those things that I do well and has also encouraged me to move forward those things I do less well on. I also feel that I build stronger relationships with those I work with and I have grown to appreciate more what they do and how they do it.
Senior Director, Investment Management
Jane created an environment for me to really stop and think about what was holding me back in my career. She allowed me the space to not to just simply externalise issues but to understand how my behaviours (or my lack of “leaning-in”) were actively impacting the future. I had deep seated assumptions which were impacting my everyday – and these incorrect assumptions were bringing the past into my future. Shaking off these assumptions allowed me to grow in confidence and actually reengage with the business. The impact on me, my team, and the perception of senior leaders has been transformatory.
Anita Grant, Partner, Deloitte
I just wanted you to know how powerful the thinking environment can be and how it most definitely can be used within a financial planning context. The skills I learnt with you on those three days at the Greenwoods Hotel will stay with me for the rest of my working life – thank you.
Steve Buckle, Managing Director, Ashworth Financial Planning
Your Transforming Meetings programme was a brilliant day and was so enjoyed by all even the initial doubters! I really feel you have made a significant difference to the way we will all behave in the future.I personally loved the day and I am left feeling more empowered.
Head of HR, EMEA, Global Fintech Organisation
Coaching with Jane has had a significant impact for me personally. It has given me confidence and self-belief to deal with situations in a more structured and positive way. I also have a sustainable way to continue improving. Jane made me think for myself through creating a thinking environment.
Arzoo Ahmed, Management Consultant, Deloitte
Jane’s Developing a Thinking Environment 3 day programme provided a small safe environment and in particular I valued the quality of the interactions with Jane and with my fellow delegates, the 2 day + 1 day structure, the chance to practice and Jane’s role modelling of the approach in everything she does. As a result of this programme, for now, I am noticing better connection through more focused listening. Also, and very personally, the course has reignited my interest in coaching and my desire to refresh and extend my organisational development practice. It has changed my plans for 2016. We will see what exciting outcomes stem from that change!
Alison Beck, Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach
Jane was extremely patient and gave me plenty of time and space to think about what was important to me and my career. Instead of asking suggestive questions, she made me think for myself what I wanted to do, and, more importantly, what I didn’t want to do and was objective and impartial. She was also very effective in summarizing my jumbled thoughts. I have successfully moved on to a new job, which I am thoroughly enjoying and have the identified career goals which I want to achieve at the new job.
Nike Onyechi, Management Consultant, Baringa
Jane’s overall approach and ability to listen enabled me to undertake self-analysis and work through my own thought process as to how I could improve a situation or approach it differently. It was very evident to me that Jane gained an excellent understanding and appreciation of my overall role in the firm, my key interactions, as well as the specific challenges I faced – and helped me to assess things in a different way and be able to adapt my approach to achieve better outcomes.
Andrew Nicoll, Global Head of Insurance, Columbia Threadneedle
I feel that my coaching programme has been truly transformational for me and I am so grateful that Parthenon made the investment in coaching. When I started my coaching programme I felt that the points I was working on were amorphous and difficult to tackle (i.e. confidence, empowering my teammates, work-life-balance, etc.); however, working with Jane really helped me to identify the things that were standing in the way of being the person I wanted to be at work.
Courtney Gainer, Vice President, Parthenon Consulting
As a result of the mentoring programme I took with Jane this year, I’ve refocused and honed my coaching skills around the ICF coaching competencies. It’s helped me think about how I want to be as a corporate coach and additional things I may need in place to ensure a really professional offer. Jane is the consummate coaching professional; she is measured and mindful whilst at the same time being warm and encouraging – and generous in sharing her coaching experience and expertise.
Sarah Hardman, Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator, Boldy-Go
The simple mechanism which promoted deep self-inquiry and where I provided the answers, as opposed to clinical observation and comment from Jane. Discoveries of the self, by the self, are more powerful than objective analysis and feedback. Thank you for your hard work, which I can honestly say has had much positive impact, beyond what I really expected.
Andrew Wingfield, Global Head of Master Agreements, Societe Generale
Jane has a great sense of observation – her comments are to the point, precise and practical. As a coach Jane creates a vast space in which her Clients are invited to think and choose independently.She equally easy see and directly communicates your strengths as well as areas to improvement. Her presence grounds the Clients and connect them with their best selves. Working with her is profound and enjoyable.
Joanna Zawada-Kubik, PCC, Executive Coach, Poland
I have really enjoyed our sessions and got a lot out of them. They have challenged me to think and develop new approaches to managing stakeholders and teams as well as myself and my stress levels!

HR Director, Professional Services Regulatory Body
Thank you again for the powerful coaching session. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your offer and how you held the space with trust and attentiveness with your questions, timing and silence. Thank you.

Virginia Williams, Executive Coach and Leadership Catalyst, Switzerland
I particularly appreciated they way Jane challenged me to address and overcome hidden assumptions that can hold me back, and helping me to expose a more coherent strategy for my near-term career development. I also appreciated the practical strategies we evolved for meeting certain specific challenges, particularly around managing difficult interpersonal situations. Jane has a gently challenging style, with a use of the “what else” technique to make sure situations are fully explored. This has been very effective in helping me to frame my challenges more completely and avoid mental short cuts. Jane’s approach is thorough and methodical. She has often guided me towards unearthing my own solutions, while not being afraid to share her own insights from time to time, which has been extremely valuable.
Kathryn Porter, Director Commodities and Structure, Societe Generale
My Session with Jane was a unique opportunity for deep reflection and undisturbed thinking. Each time when the flow of my thoughts seemed to come to a dead end I felt like Jane was “holding my hand” giving me courage to dive deeper. I heard this subtle message “and what else…” which was like a light in the darkness meaning “There might be much more miracles and hidden, surprising thoughts to discover. Be brave, you are safe”.Jane has an incredible ability to create in our coaching relation space and partnership in which I was completely free and entirely safe to discover my own truth that never has been named before. Thank you Jane.

Dorota Soida, PCC ICF, Executive Coach & Trainer, Poland
Coaching with Jane was a very positive and enriching experience. Some of the sessions were extremely challenging (and emotionally exhausting!), and really forced me to re-think my approach to certain obstacles that I thought I faced but via Jane’s questioning, discovered I could overcome. Jane exudes warmth and enthusiasm, and her coaching sessions are extremely empowering. She is an excellent listener and I always felt free to say exactly what I thought/felt, safe in the knowledge that she would not pass judgment. She is a winning combination of challenging but encouraging, and I felt that at the end of each session we always achieved a very satisfying outcome. I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend her.

Jenny McGrandle, Senior Lawyer, Mayer Brown
Jane, you were much in demand this morning and I didn’t get a chance to say thank you in person, but I just wanted to thank you for the session.
It was lovely to see in practice some of the elements of the Thinking Environment, and to see the impact you had on all of us in how you shared your expertise and created space for us. A thoroughly worthwhile session and, professionally was struck by how beautifully paced it was.
By trade I’m a public affairs specialist, but am also a qualified coach with the Coaching Academy and working on my next diploma, but this approach seems to have so much value and resonance, and I hope to explore further next year. Many thanks!
Nikki da Costa, Nikki da Costa & Associates Ltd