I had the privilege of interviewing Chris following his recent stay in the UK.  Chris shares his story of how disconnected he found himself working in the Corporate World.  In this 3-part interview series, Chris shares his objectives for when he left university, how he had an epiphany realising he was in the wrong place and needed to make some changes.  Chris describes the values and principles by which he lives his life today and what decisions and choices he made to achieve the life he wants.  Finally we discuss, what’s next . . .

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We hope you enjoy this interview series we recorded for you and please leave you your thoughts and ideas as to how you might re-invent part of your life or all of your life enabling you to achieve what you want for yourself.

We have a bonus interview for you when Chris dropped by my home to share with me his top tips for making significant changes in your life in how to begin the process of redefining yourself.  Chris also explains how he manages to stay healthy and well during his worldwide travels.  Enjoy this 10 minutes with Chris – you will not be disappointed.


We hope you have enjoyed this series and I would love to hear about your story – please get in touch and let me know how you managed to redefine yourself and achieve the life you want for yourself.