Starting your accreditation journey can seem daunting.  It was for me.  I had graduated with ITS and my coaching certification provided the required coach specific training hours.  I needed to gain the 60 hours of coaching to begin my accreditation at ACC.  After a few months I had accrued the hours and applied through ITS to apply for and successfully achieve my ACC.

Some three years later when I had accrued 750 hours coaching and had completed a post graduate diploma in psychological coaching, I was ready to apply for my PCC.  It was complicated. I needed to work out which route to take since my coach training hours were now from a different provider.

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How about you?  Are you clear on what path to take?  Will it be via your coaching training provider or will you need to apply via the portfolio route?

Mentor coaching is a now a requirement from the International Coach Federation (ICF) if you are looking to become accredited at the ACC level through the Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) or Portfolio Path.  In addition, if you want to become accredited or renew your accreditation for PCC – you will require 10 hours mentor coaching.

How confident are you in your coaching skills and being able to demonstrate your confidence with the ICF coaching competencies?  When I was pursuing my accreditation, I was aware that I was stronger in some competencies than others.

What helped me was enlisting a mentor coach as well as my supervisor.  My mentor coach helped me work on my skills practice in particular whereas my supervisor helped me more with difficult coaching situations and how I could support my clients in different ways.

The mentor coaching I offer is tailored to your specific needs and long-term objectives for you developing your coaching skills. Mentor coaching will also provide you with the opportunity to practise and develop your style of coaching in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

The challenges of accreditation can include:

  • Identifying the best path for accreditation
  • Being able to demonstrate sufficiently the ICF competencies through recorded sessions
  • Finding clients to record sessions with for the purposes of accreditation
  • Giving the time to your own coaching skills development long after your original coach training
  • Finding the right mentor for you

Here is how I can help you:

As your mentor coach I will provide you with professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency demanded by your desired credential level, up to PCC, with the ICF. In my coaching practice, I create a Thinking Environment® with my clients and it is my intention to create the same for you. The components of this environment are the following:

  • Attention –listening with palpable respect and interest and without interruption
  • Equality – mutually treating each other as thinking peers
  • Ease – offering freedom from internal rush or urgency
  • Appreciation – offering genuine acknowledgement of a person’s qualities
  • Encouragement – giving courage to go on the cutting edge of ideas by moving beyond internal competition
  • Feelings – allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking
  • Information – supplying the facts, dismantling denial
  • Diversity – welcoming divergent thinking and diverse group identities
  • Incisive questions – removing assumptions that limit our ability to think for ourselves clearly and creatively
  • Place – creating a physical environment that says ‘you matter’

Your Mentor Coaching package includes:

10 hours of mentor coaching comprising:

  1. 1:1 mentor coaching sessions on specific coaching competencies / skills x 4
  2. Master classes on specific core competencies x 2
  3. Listen to and provide written evaluation of 2 recordings, plus transcript (maximum 45 minutes)
  4. Bonus class on ‘What to think about before your initial coach contracting session’.

How will the mentoring take place?

Mentor sessions will take place via Skype or via on a dedicated line. All calls will be recorded and placed in a drop box for you to retrieve to listen to again in your own time.

The session dates and times will be mutually agreed in advance and scheduled on a monthly basis.

How you will benefit:

Through investing in my mentor-coaching programme you will benefit from:

  • Practical skills building opportunities to hone your coaching skills
  • Deepening your awareness of your key coaching strengths and those you want to develop further
  • Developing further your own style of coaching
  • Increasing your confidence in coaching
  • Attracting your ideal clients whom you want to work with
  • Fulfilling the ICF 10 hours mentor coaching requirement

5 Reasons why you can trust me:

  1. I am a Certified Coach Mentor (CCM) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a founding member of the Association for Coaching (AC) since 2003.
  2. I have been coaching for over 15 years and have over 3,000 coaching hours within Professional and Financial services.
  3. I am keen to support you develop your coaching skills and attain accreditation in recognition for the professional quality of your coaching.
  4. As a coach and mentor coach, I have regular supervision and engage in on-going personal development through consuming the latest thinking and writing in my niche areas (this follows my Post Grad in HR Management and Post Grad in Psychological Coaching).
  5. By offering mentor coaching through a thinking environment, we will discover new insights together in service of your coaching skills development.

What others have said:

“Jane was a fantastic, supportive, and authentic partner to be with on my journey. Her curiosity, listening, questioning techniques and deep insights helped me clarify my  thinking and open up new avenues to explore.”  Anna Inama, PCC Leadership Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

“Jane has a great sense of observation – her comments are to the point, precise and practical. As a mentor coach Jane creates a vast space in which her clients are invited to think and choose independently.

She equally and with ease sees and directly communicates your strengths as well as areas to improvement. Her presence grounds the clients and connects them with their best selves. Working with her is profound and enjoyable” Joanna Zawada-Kubik, PCC, Executive Coach

“The mentor programme with Jane was very positive; a valuable intervention which enabled me to re-focus my coaching professional development and enabled me to step more fully into being an executive coach.

 Jane is the consummate coaching professional; she is measured and mindful whilst at the same time being warm and encouraging – and generous in sharing her coaching experience and expertise.” Sarah Hardman, Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Your investment:

Mentor Coaching Package comprising 10 hours @ £1,500 plus VAT

Mentor Coaching Session comprising 1 hour @ £180 plus VAT

Next step:

Mail Jane

for your free initial call to see how I can help you with your accreditation

and coaching skills development.