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How to Reinvent Yourself in 7Clear Steps

So in Part 1 of this article we looked at what reinventing yourself is and why you’d want to do it, in this part we’ll look at some practical steps that you could take to make it happen.

1. Observe your passions

Sounds simple and it is. What do you love to do? We are living in a time where it is absolutely possible to make a good living from any passion. Whether you’re an avid tennis coach in your spare time, love to make cup cakes or enjoy writing and traveling, there is a way for you to become a leader in that field and make it a profitable venture at the same time.

So start with looking at what you love to do. Since you are going to be making some fundamental changes and taking steps to become more authentically ‘you’ it makes sense to look at what your passions in life are. So begin by making a list.


2. Decide what you specifically want to reinvent – from X to Y

Is it your working conditions/hours/role? Your health?Your brand angle?

Phrase your proposed reinvention from X (who you were before) to Y (who you want to become). Write 10 different versions and see what resonates with you the most and you like the best.


Reinvent from barrister to author – start writing the book you’ve been thinking about

Reinvent from old fashioned serious business leader to be perceived as a modern, fun, energised one.

Reinvent from CEO to work-from-home consultant.

Reinvent from 80-hour per week, stressed workaholic to healthy and balanced in work and life.

Reinvent from face-to-face services to online products and services.

Reinvent from school teacher to financial executive.

Reinvent from one set of hobbies/friends/associates/location to another.


3. Start learning…a lot

Reinvention invariably requires a knowledge and skills update. Start reading, watching videos and taking courses about the new way you want to be, immediately. This will help you make that final choice as to whether this is the path you want to take and it will take you steps closer to making your new reinvented self a bonafide reality.


4. Create a plan

Make a rough plan that you can flesh out and refine over time and as your knowledge increases. The plan should map out how you get from where you are and what you’re currently doing to your new destination and reinvented self.

Do at least one action each week to move you forward on your new path.


5. Get a mentor

This could be a 1-1 personal mentor, an online course, a book, a trusted friend or a person in your community/faith group. You must be able to trust that they can give you good guidance (and feedback – If 1-1 mentor) in the area of your reinvention and that they have your best interests as their core concern.

A good mentor can help you identify and make a plan to address gaps in your communication and personal leadership skills, which are key to a successful self-reinvention.

Contact me about my personal leadership coaching, if you’d like 1-1 help.


6. Be disciplined

Embarking on a new path takes work, courage and discipline. Since there will be a learning curve, be prepared to make extra time around your normal activities to make your reinvention a reality; you may have to get up earlier and stay up a bit later, watching less TV and being mindful of how you spend your spare time.

Also, you’ll need the discipline and courage to step outside of your comfort zone. This can be an exciting prospect, so embrace it with zeal.

Address the things that are crying out for reinvention. Maybe you drink too much caffeine. Maybe you need to start exercising. Maybe you need to stop gossiping. Use discipline to make these immediate reinventions that will greatly help you on your journey.


 7. Have fun

Reinventing yourself should be a fun and invigorating prospect. As James Altucher says: Make interesting choices and you will have an interesting biography.

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