If you would like to be a ‘guest’ on my blog page, I would love to hear from you.  Below are some guidelines to help you consider whether your content is appropriate for my audience so that you have the most appropriate coverage.


My target audience are:

  • male and female, emerging and experienced leaders and managers
  • typically aged 30-45 years and
  • those who are keen to develop themselves in the way they live their life developing their personal leadership.
  • I am keen to serve other coaches and offer mentoring and relevant information for coaches and their clients.


The areas of focus for www.janeadsheadgrant.com are Personal Leadership and Coaching.

I am interested in blog posts that will help others reflect on and take action to develop their personal leadership.

Areas including developing greater self-awareness, creativity, courage and commitment.  In addition I am interested to share more about the willingness to change and our appetite for change as a key enabler to developing our personal leadership.  Compassion is another important area in that to be a great leader we need compassion – not only for others and also for ourselves.

My passion is listening, the ability to listen well and in so doing, we offer one of the greatest gifts, as a human being that we can to another. I will be interested to hear from you on any of these topics.

I am also interested to receive any blog posts on executive coaching and the impact it has on developing personal leadership.


The word count for a blog post will be between 500-800 words.  Any media / photos that you want to use, please send as a separate attachment.

Your details

Please include your contact details or short bio that you would like included in the blog post, including a photo of yourself.

Contact me now and I will be happy to discuss with you your ideas for sharing your content here on www.janeadsheadgrant.com.

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