• Are you starting out as a coach having re-trained following a previous successful career?
  • Have you recently trained to be a coach within your organisation and now offer coaching as part of your role within your organisation?
  • Do you want to develop your coaching skills further and become accredited or attain or renew the next level of accreditation?

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I retrained as an Executive Coach after 15 years within Human Resources in Financial and Professional Services. My coach supervisor and mentor coach helped me to build my coaching practice as I continued my coaching studies and qualifications. Ā My client base has grown year on year based on the support I received. Ā  I continue on my journey of coach mastery with regular supervision and coach training.

If you answered YES to the questions above, here is how I can help you:

I believe that working with the right mentor coach, you can discover more about how confident you feel as a coach, what your key coaching skillsĀ are and what possible niche you serve. Additionally, you can discover what coaching skills or experience you want to develop yourself in further.

I believe having an environment whereĀ you think well for yourself without interruption can stimulate new ideas and ways of moving forward.

I believe that a good mentor relationship is one of equality where we both arrive having the capacity to think well. Ā We discover together the journey to mastery.

I am passionate about supporting others in our profession to grow both their own skills and their practice.

I am an accredited professional certified coach with the ICF and have completed a coach mastery programme and a certifiedĀ coach mentor programme both of which are ICF accredited. I have almost 2,500 hours of coaching hours.

Hereā€™s how it works:

The process:

  1. We have a free initial telephone call for me to understand more about what you want to achieve in your coaching Ā skills development.
  2. We design together what would be most useful for you at whatever point you are at on your coaching journey.
  3. We hold mentor coach sessions in support of your desired outcomes where I listen to you coaching (via recordings) and provide you with feedback in relation to the ICF competencies. We work on key competencies of your choice to develop these areas further.
  4. We have a mutually agreed number of coaching sessions in support of you developing your own coaching skills.


  • You will discover new approaches to developing your coaching skills.
  • You will discover more about yourself and how you can apply your learnings to your coaching development
  • You will feel more confident in your coaching skills and approach
  • You will be on track for further accreditation

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For more information to support your leadership and coaching skills, visit my blog page and my recent articlesĀ on my Personal Leadership page.

Jane Adshead-Grant, owner of JaneAdsheadGrant.com and Ashvale Consultancy Limited.