Professional development

Are you above the line or below the line?

A good friend of mine and business coach, Hugo Heij, recently shared with me the concept of above and below the line and I thought you too might find it useful. Have you ever wondered why, despite the same economic environment, working culture and hours in a day, that some people are more successful than others? It [...]

5 Top tips to sustain change

As you develop your personal leadership further, it is essential to embrace change so that you can achieve more for yourself and your business. Do you ever learn or hear about something that you think is a great idea and want to implement it in your life or business? Perhaps you are naturally pro-active and [...]

3 Essentials for the Leader Coach – Lynn Scott

I am excited that Lynn is back as a guest on my blog this month.  You may remember her great post on the 10 truths for leaders who coach.  Today, Lynn shares 3 essential ingredients for the leader who coaches. 3 Essentials for the Leader Coach  Essential No 1 - Trust and a strong relationship are [...]

Make your own luck – insights from Voice at the Table Conference

The recent 'Make your own luck' conference organised by my friend Rina Goldenberg and her wonderful team at Voice at the Table was a most inspiring day. I was thrilled to meet some of you there. We listened to a combination of keynote speakers and panellists bringing alive the theme of how to take charge of your career [...]

The secret in how to dress for success

What assumptions do others make about you in relation to what you are wearing?  Does it matter? Have you ever had that awkward feeling when you have either over dressed or under dressed for an occasion? I remember going to a friend's party where the dress code was black tie and we dressed for the occasion.  However, when [...]

Conditional Tenses – Aboodi Shabi

I am delighted to welcome Aboodi Shabi as a guest on my blog this month.  In his article here, Aboodi helps us to recognise how our automatic responses developed over years of habit may no longer serve us in being able to adapt to some of the challenges we are faced with. Aboodi suggests some practical [...]

3 Top tips in adapting to change

Honing your personal leadership skills will require you to become adaptive to change.  We are continually confronted with change whether in our personal lives or professional lives. Some of this change is within our control and some of it is not. You may already embrace change and positively seek it or you may feel uncomfortable [...]

Meet my Mentor

Derrick Trimble, DTM kindly agreed to reinstitute the mentor programme at Chelmsford Speakers Club, UK. I was lucky enough to be one of his mentees.  I share below how Derrick has had a significant impact on my journey of developing my speaking skills through the Toastmasters approach at Chelmsford Speaking Club. I attended ‘Write, Speak, Promote’ in May [...]

The Secret that will Propel your Business Relationships

There is much written about how to be a great speaker, a great author, however when it comes to listening, there is very little.  I have recently finished writing a short e-book on this somewhat underrated skill of listening - 'Are you listening or just waiting to speak?' which will be available soon. In my [...]

I got the promotion, what now?

I am delighted to introduce Joanna Gaudoin, an expert in the field of Image and Impact and owner of InsideOutImage, as my Guest on my Blog this week.   Corporate life has a continual focus on the next step. What's the next role? How long do I need to stay in this one before progressing to [...]