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Ask questions to ignite the mind and illuminate potential

As our daughter grew up, she asked lots of questions. In fact ‘why’ was one of her most used words! I later discovered that I was not alone. An average four-year-old British girl will ask her mum 390 questions a day and boys aren’t far behind. You can imagine the mind of a child wanting [...]

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My Top Ten Favourite Quotes on Learning

Investing in your ongoing personal and professional development is essential for growth both in your life and your career.  In my experience, adopting a mindset of learning has been both enriching and rewarding.   Without investing in learning, I wouldn't be the person I am today. The Mum am I today. The coach I am [...]

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3 Reasons why and how curiosity will improve your effectiveness (part 2)

How to be curious There are many ways to develop curiosity: Start developing a love for books. Read material on different topics. A great way to start is to look for books on topics that interest you. It could be biographies of people you are impressed with, it could be the latest bestsellers, or you [...]

3 Reasons why and how curiosity will improve your effectiveness (part 1)

Every success story started with curiosity. From the time you were a child, you probably got asked the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Questions such as this continue to be asked by others and to ourselves as maturity develops. These questions are what triggers the start of self discovery. [...]

Why curiosity in business is a winning attribute

"Curiosity killed the cat", goes the saying, "but satisfaction brought it back." When it comes to business, curiosity is often a lost virtue, but one that can be really powerful for people who adopt it and learn how to make use of it. Let's take a look at curiosity in business and see exactly why [...]

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Are you above the line or below the line?

A good friend of mine and business coach, Hugo Heij, recently shared with me the concept of above and below the line and I thought you too might find it useful. Have you ever wondered why, despite the same economic environment, working culture and hours in a day, that some people are more successful than others? It [...]

3 Ways of Developing Curiosity as an Emerging Leader

Knowledge. Inquisitiveness. Interest. These are the characteristics that embody curiosity. As we go through the 3 quick ways of developing curiosity as an emerging leader, you will discover the reasons why developing curiosity is vital to becoming a great leader. 1. Be Open-Minded Open-mindedness helps with developing curiosity. If you are closed off to the world, [...]

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Conditional Tenses – Aboodi Shabi

I am delighted to welcome Aboodi Shabi as a guest on my blog this month.  In his article here, Aboodi helps us to recognise how our automatic responses developed over years of habit may no longer serve us in being able to adapt to some of the challenges we are faced with. Aboodi suggests some practical [...]

Nancy Kline shares MORE about the Thinking Environment

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Kline, pioneer of the Thinking Environment(TM), once more on her return from a recent trip to South Africa.  In this short interview, Nancy shares more about her reflections on the Thinking Partnership and its application. I ask Nancy to explain further her metaphor of the two [...]

10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Good Listener

Most people think they’re good at listening. No one sets out to be a bad listener. However, it’s a sad fact that good listeners are rare in our society and when you come across one, it’s like a breath of fresh air and really makes a that person a joy to communicate with. How can [...]

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