Leadership coaching

5 Tips for Effective Decision-making and more . . .

Being able to make decisions effectively is essential as we develop our personal leadership.   Making decisions is part of our everyday life – sometimes we hesitate and think twice, other times, we spontaneously make the decision. So what is it that makes a difference in our effectiveness when we make decisions? Since I have studied [...]

Part 2: An exclusive interview with Nancy Kline – benefits and qualities of a Thinking Environment

Nancy Kline has pioneered the Thinking Environment since 1985, and is best known for her books and work on Time to Think - Listening to Ignite the Human Mind and More Time to Think – the Power of Independent Thinking and more recently Living with Time to Think – the Goddaughter Letters. In this second [...]

Great networking tips for the festive season

Networking maybe something you dread and you may tell yourself: 'it is not my natural style to start talking to someone I don't know well' or 'I don't want to hang around after work' or 'it feels fake' or 'I simply don't have time'.  You no longer need to dread it. All of these reasons, I propose, are merely [...]

Words of Encouragement

Leadership can be a lonely role.  We all need to be encouraged.  Whether you are experimenting with new behaviours or developing new habits to raise your game in your personal leadership.  Or maybe you are seeking to influence others in a complex organisational environment.   Take a look at this 2 minute movie made for YOU to encourage [...]