No-one is listening to me! How to become a more effective communicator – Part 2

Clear communication makes for effective communication and great leaders Since 90% of all business and personal relationships have to do with communication, learning how to be an effective communicator, clear about your message content will make life a lot easier to manage. 5 Quick Steps for clear verbal communication: Know what you want to say. [...]

No-one is listening to me! How to become a more effective communicator – Part 1

Leadership is described in the dictionary as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. There are different leadership styles and each style has its pros and cons. For instance, the authoritarian leadership style is necessary if you have a life and death situation like a war while a relationship-oriented leader works [...]

Preventing failure: Goal setting to be a competent leader

According to a paper by George Doran, there is a S.M.A.R.T. way to grow to be an effective leader. The mnemonic stands for goals to be Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-related. It all sounds great except I stumbled upon research that suggests more needs to be done with goal setting for effective leadership. Don’t [...]

5 Ways to lead your employees more effectively

Being in a management position, you have a direct impact on employee performance and, by association, company initiatives. It is therefore important that you assume your role as a leader in the business and develop your leadership skills. You may already possess some leadership qualities, but there are five specific qualities that will make you [...]

Being committed – how to get and stay on course

Success as a leader is not a complicated process but it does require commitment. You need to focus on being committed to your vision and goals by bringing out the best qualities in all of your team members and collaborators. Leadership requires a shared vision and achievable goals for all the members of your team. [...]

Making progress with a remote workforce – Alexander Maasik

This month I am happy to introduce you to my guest blogger, Alexander Maasik.  Alex is a journalist based in Estonia who has established a process to help managers work more effectively with a remote workforce.  In this article, Alex shares insights into the growth of remote working and four tips to manage teams working remotely [...]

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Conditional Tenses – Aboodi Shabi

I am delighted to welcome Aboodi Shabi as a guest on my blog this month.  In his article here, Aboodi helps us to recognise how our automatic responses developed over years of habit may no longer serve us in being able to adapt to some of the challenges we are faced with. Aboodi suggests some practical [...]

3 Top tips in adapting to change

Honing your personal leadership skills will require you to become adaptive to change.  We are continually confronted with change whether in our personal lives or professional lives. Some of this change is within our control and some of it is not. You may already embrace change and positively seek it or you may feel uncomfortable [...]

10 Truths for leaders who coach – Lynn Scott

I am delighted to welcome Lynn Scott as a guest on my blog this month.  In her post below, Lynn succinctly describes what is true about coaching and helps to demystify some of the questions you may be asking yourself about coaching as part of your leadership . . .   A coaching approach is [...]

Words of Encouragement

Leadership can be a lonely role.  We all need to be encouraged.  Whether you are experimenting with new behaviours or developing new habits to raise your game in your personal leadership.  Or maybe you are seeking to influence others in a complex organisational environment.   Take a look at this 2 minute movie made for YOU to encourage [...]