Ask questions to ignite the mind and illuminate potential

As our daughter grew up, she asked lots of questions. In fact ‘why’ was one of her most used words! I later discovered that I was not alone. An average four-year-old British girl will ask her mum 390 questions a day and boys aren’t far behind. You can imagine the mind of a child wanting [...]

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How to spark your creativity for effective leadership

Being more creative is never easy. It is a constant challenge to keep coming up with great ideas which is why creativity scores high as a skill among great leaders. A study by IBM in 2010 of global leaders across 60 countries and 33 industries revealed that creativity outweighs global thinking as a leadership quality. [...]

Creativity – not just for special occasions

Previously I have written about creativity and what it takes to discover it in yourself. So now let's go a little further. In this short tutorial, I am suggesting that creativity is not something that we pull out just on special occasions.  You will be staggered to know, as I was, that research suggests some 75% of [...]

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4 Ways To Discover Your Creativity

Innovator. Thought Leader. Ingenious. Do you want to be known for these personality characteristics as a business person or leader? Of course you do… If you are going to become a leader, or are one already, then you know the importance of problem-solving. Discovering creativity within yourself will boost your ability to cultivate the uncommon talent [...]

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Make your own luck – insights from Voice at the Table Conference

The recent 'Make your own luck' conference organised by my friend Rina Goldenberg and her wonderful team at Voice at the Table was a most inspiring day. I was thrilled to meet some of you there. We listened to a combination of keynote speakers and panellists bringing alive the theme of how to take charge of your career [...]

Nancy Kline shares MORE about the Thinking Environment

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Kline, pioneer of the Thinking Environment(TM), once more on her return from a recent trip to South Africa.  In this short interview, Nancy shares more about her reflections on the Thinking Partnership and its application. I ask Nancy to explain further her metaphor of the two [...]

The Secret that will Propel your Business Relationships

There is much written about how to be a great speaker, a great author, however when it comes to listening, there is very little.  I have recently finished writing a short e-book on this somewhat underrated skill of listening - 'Are you listening or just waiting to speak?' which will be available soon. In my [...]

Three Top Tips to Develop your Resilience

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend Hilda Barrett, an experienced HR Director within the Hi Tech industry. Hilda is passionate about how individuals and teams thrive. Hilda has completed an MSc in Positive Psychology – one of the first participants and has discovered the impact positive psychology has on developing our [...]

Punchy Presentations – Top Tips from a BBC Presenter

Whether you are presenting during a meeting or standing up presenting to a large audience, it can be a daunting experience. You may feel this way too. Or you may find yourself being distracted and lose your focus in getting your message across during your presentations with clients or colleagues. In this short interview with a [...]

Part 2: An exclusive interview with Nancy Kline – benefits and qualities of a Thinking Environment

Nancy Kline has pioneered the Thinking Environment since 1985, and is best known for her books and work on Time to Think - Listening to Ignite the Human Mind and More Time to Think – the Power of Independent Thinking and more recently Living with Time to Think – the Goddaughter Letters. In this second [...]