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How to make the world a better place, through business- Part One

Recently, together with students, alumni and guests at Nyenrode Business University, the oldest private university in the Netherlands, I was challenged to think about, and given hope, in how we can make the world a better place through business. We heard from Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a global manufacturing, engineering and consulting [...]

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Turning Leadership On Its Head

Can you imagine a workplace where you are listened to; where your thoughts and ideas are pro-actively sought? Can you imagine a workplace where you feel appreciated for your gifts and are encouraged to continually find and improve, not only your talents, but also the systems and processes with which you work? Can you imagine [...]

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Are you in transition? If so, don’t forget the past!

We all experience transitions in our lives when we need to ‘let go’ and ‘move on’.  This is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes the transition is created from own decision, for example, the decision to change jobs. Other times, it arrives through the decision of another.  Whatever the circumstance, we are likely to [...]

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Making the Leap from Friend to Team Leader

  Whether you believe leaders are born or whether they are made, leaders need to persuade and influence others towards achieving a common goal. Here in the UK we have recently seen the art of persuasion through the Brexit campaign and more recently in the contest for the Conversative Party leadership and future Prime Minister. [...]

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5 Practical ways to be more compassionate at work

If you want to be a more positive influence on others and achieve higher success in life, learning how to be more compassionate is one way of achieving that. Compassion is finding the proper balance in caring for others, for the business, and for yourself. More importantly, compassion is going out of your way to [...]

How to manage your emotions in 5 easy steps

As many of you know, I am passionately curious about listening and the impact it has on us individually and in groups. I am also curious about how we listen to ourselves both in terms of what we say to ourselves and noticing how we feel. Managing our emotions is a critical skill both in [...]

Are you above the line or below the line?

A good friend of mine and business coach, Hugo Heij, recently shared with me the concept of above and below the line and I thought you too might find it useful. Have you ever wondered why, despite the same economic environment, working culture and hours in a day, that some people are more successful than others? It [...]

5 Tips To Develop Compassion for Business Success

Compassion is closely linked with empathy and is a great trait to develop, not only for your personal life but also business. Here are 5 ways to develop the compassionate person in you. 1. Confidence When you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will be stretched to do more than you ever imagined. [...]

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Nancy Kline shares MORE about the Thinking Environment

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Kline, pioneer of the Thinking Environment(TM), once more on her return from a recent trip to South Africa.  In this short interview, Nancy shares more about her reflections on the Thinking Partnership and its application. I ask Nancy to explain further her metaphor of the two [...]

The Secrets of Giving Feedback

Being able to give feedback that motivates rather than demotivates is essential for managers, leaders and as parents. Last evening I met Daniel at my local Speakers Club in Chelmsford. Daniel had been a member for 18 months but had not attended any of the meetings in over year. I asked him what had kept [...]