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7 Habits of Leading and Living Intentionally

Recently I began working with a new client, Anna (name changed for confidentiality). Anna was successful in her business, had recently been promoted to a global role and wanted to develop further her leadership skills. She recognised her strengths and capabilities in helping others gain clarity, solving complex problems and getting things done. Equally, Anna [...]

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The Journey of Getting to Master Certified Coach, MCC

10 years ago it was a dream. Obtaining my Master Certified Coaching (MCC) accreditation from the International Coach Federation seemed a long way off. And today I am delighted to celebrate that achievement with you. It has been a journey, like most, with highs and lows. The highs from my learning experiences with some great [...]

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7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination at Work

  Do you find yourself procrastinating at work? You know when you put off the thing that you know you need to do, but will find something easier or more pleasurable to do instead? If so, you're not alone. In fact, according to Psychology Today, everyone procrastinates sometimes, but 20 percent of people chronically avoid difficult [...]

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My Top Ten Favourite Quotes on Learning

Investing in your ongoing personal and professional development is essential for growth both in your life and your career.  In my experience, adopting a mindset of learning has been both enriching and rewarding.   Without investing in learning, I wouldn't be the person I am today. The Mum am I today. The coach I am [...]

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How to Avoid the Common Problems of Poor Decision Making as a Team Leader

  Being a leader in any field is tough. Top leaders know that when they make a decision, it’s not just about the immediate action and reaction that matters but also the long-term effects that can ripple through a team and cause confusion and chaos. Unfortunately, being the one who has to make the decision [...]

Being Committed: Strong starts, full resolve, and people smarts

There have been several articles written this week about the incredible 5000-1 odds on Leicester City winning the Premiership.  Interest is high on the many reasons for their success including their sense of team, their self-belief and determination.  I would also like to add another - their commitment. The team members committed to their purpose and [...]

Being committed – how to get and stay on course

Success as a leader is not a complicated process but it does require commitment. You need to focus on being committed to your vision and goals by bringing out the best qualities in all of your team members and collaborators. Leadership requires a shared vision and achievable goals for all the members of your team. [...]

Are you at risk of derailing from your goals?

If you want to achieve something for yourself or make some changes, a good place to start is to set yourself goals. If, like me, you sometimes get derailed you will find this 6-step process I recently discovered from Dr Mark Goulston, author of ‘Just Listen’, help you to stay on track. The reason this [...]

Are you above the line or below the line?

A good friend of mine and business coach, Hugo Heij, recently shared with me the concept of above and below the line and I thought you too might find it useful. Have you ever wondered why, despite the same economic environment, working culture and hours in a day, that some people are more successful than others? It [...]

How to set goals and achieve more

Goal setting is a fundamental ingredient of personal leadership. It requires both a process and a mind-set. Goal setting will enable to you stay focused in what you want to achieve for yourself, your team and your business. For some, goal setting is an onerous task – you may prefer to live your life moment [...]