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The Journey of Getting to Master Certified Coach, MCC

10 years ago it was a dream. Obtaining my Master Certified Coaching (MCC) accreditation from the International Coach Federation seemed a long way off. And today I am delighted to celebrate that achievement with you. It has been a journey, like most, with highs and lows. The highs from my learning experiences with some great [...]

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Never forgot those who matter most to you and your business

Receiving an award for Best Executive Coaching, South East England was a proud moment for me this week and it would not have been possible without YOU. Thank you. I believe it is important to never forget those who matter most to you and your business and so I made this short videoĀ on my Facebook [...]

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7 Simple Steps to Develop your Executive Presence

A common theme that emerges with my coaching clients is how to develop more executive presence. The kind of presence someone creates as they enter a room, take their seat at the table and begin to communicate effectively with those around them. Do you remember a time when you met someone in a leadership position [...]

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Making the Leap from Friend to Team Leader

  Whether you believe leaders are born or whether they are made, leaders need to persuade and influence others towards achieving a common goal. Here in the UK we have recently seen the art of persuasion through the Brexit campaign and more recently in the contest for the Conversative Party leadership and future Prime Minister. [...]

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Being Committed: Strong starts, full resolve, and people smarts

There have been severalĀ articles written this week about the incredible 5000-1 odds on Leicester City winning the Premiership. Ā Interest is high on the many reasons for their success including their sense of team, their self-belief and determination. Ā I would also like to add another - their commitment. The team members committed to their purpose and [...]

How to spark your creativity for effective leadership

Being more creative is never easy. It is a constant challenge to keep coming up with great ideas which is why creativity scores high as a skill among great leaders. A study by IBM in 2010 of global leaders across 60 countries and 33 industries revealed that creativity outweighs global thinking as a leadership quality. [...]

The roadmap to success: clarity

Part of being a good leader is knowing the direction to take and having faith in the reasons behind your decisions. Clarity is not an easy quality to cultivate because in todayā€™s world, every person who is given responsibilities finds themselvesĀ struggling with priorities. Once your priorities are unclear and you donā€™t know where your business [...]

Being committed – how to get and stay on course

Success as a leader is not a complicated process but it does require commitment. You need to focus on being committed to your vision and goals by bringing out the best qualities in all of your team members and collaborators. Leadership requires a shared vision and achievable goals for all the members of your team. [...]

Why curiosity in business is a winning attribute

"Curiosity killed the cat", goes the saying, "but satisfaction brought it back." When it comes to business, curiosity is often a lost virtue, but one that can be really powerful for people who adopt it and learn how to make use of it. Let's take a look at curiosity in business and see exactly why [...]

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What sort of leader are you? – Amanda Cullen

This month I am delighted to welcome Amanda Cullen as a guest on my blog. Ā Amanda is also an executive coach specialising in working with leaders to support them step up into their potential. Ā Amanda has written this thought provoking and practical article to help you consider what type of leader are you and how [...]