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Do you have mentor? Discover three benefits of having one . . .

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” Bob Proctor Navigating your professional career can be challenging.  You may encounter difficult colleagues you need to persuade. A stretch assignment. An underperforming team to engage and deliver results. A tough [...]

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Are you in transition? If so, don’t forget the past!

We all experience transitions in our lives when we need to ‘let go’ and ‘move on’.  This is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes the transition is created from own decision, for example, the decision to change jobs. Other times, it arrives through the decision of another.  Whatever the circumstance, we are likely to [...]

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Making the Leap from Friend to Team Leader

Whether you believe leaders are born or whether they are made, leaders need to persuade and influence others towards achieving a common goal. Here in the UK we have recently seen the art of persuasion through the Brexit campaign and more recently in the contest for the Conversative Party leadership and future Prime Minister. Boris [...]

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4 Reasons why embracing change in business is vital

Many people do not particularly like change – in life or business. They like to keep to the same routines and know exactly what will be happening. However, change in business is inevitable. If you own a business or are a leader within an organisation you must not only accept this, but embrace it. If [...]

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Belinda’s story – how to achieve clarity in what you want

Previously I have shared some practical tips on how to achieve clarity in what you want for yourself and your business. In this short video I share a case study of Belinda*, a client of mine who, when we began working together, didn't know what she wanted to do next nor how to go about [...]

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7 practical steps to gain clarity

Do you sometimes feel unclear of where you are going or what you want to do? During my own career whilst I knew broadly the direction of my travel, I didn't know how to get there.  Over the years, I have developed ways of getting clear and staying on track. I have also helped many [...]

Make your own luck – insights from Voice at the Table Conference

The recent 'Make your own luck' conference organised by my friend Rina Goldenberg and her wonderful team at Voice at the Table was a most inspiring day. I was thrilled to meet some of you there. We listened to a combination of keynote speakers and panellists bringing alive the theme of how to take charge of your career [...]

I got the promotion, what now?

I am delighted to introduce Joanna Gaudoin, an expert in the field of Image and Impact and owner of InsideOutImage, as my Guest on my Blog this week.   Corporate life has a continual focus on the next step. What's the next role? How long do I need to stay in this one before progressing to [...]

4 Secrets to Great Career Management

What is career management? The term career management, in its broadest sense, refers to the whole process of planning the path that your career will take over the long term. The process is one that takes place over the course of your entire lifetime — or at least until you decide to retire — and involves a [...]

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How to Redefine Yourself Professionally

When you are a leader, redefining your professional self is something you will have to do over the course of your career and personal life. Redefinition involves upgrading yourself with new skills, knowledge and a whole new approach. 6 different ways of redefining your professional self The dictionary defines reinventing oneself as taking up [...]

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