About Jane Adshead-Grant

Jane is an Award Winning Accredited Executive Mentor Coach helping you to progress your career by developing your leadership and communication skills further. Her coaching is underpinned with a Post Grad Diploma in Psychological Coaching and NLP. She is an accredited, coach, facilitator and teacher of the Thinking EnvironmentĀ®, with over 3,000 hours coaching individuals and teams. Previously she spent 15 years in the Corporate Environment navigating her career from Secretary to HR Director.

Being Committed: Strong starts, full resolve, and people smarts

There have been severalĀ articles written this week about the incredible 5000-1 odds on Leicester City winning the Premiership. Ā Interest is high on the many reasons for their success including their sense of team, their self-belief and determination. Ā I would also like to add another - their commitment. The team members committed to their purpose and [...]

How to spark your creativity for effective leadership

Being more creative is never easy. It is a constant challenge to keep coming up with great ideas which is why creativity scores high as a skill among great leaders. A study by IBM in 2010 of global leaders across 60 countries and 33 industries revealed that creativity outweighs global thinking as a leadership quality. [...]

5 Practical ways to be more compassionate at work

If you want to be a more positive influence on others and achieve higher success in life, learning how to be more compassionate is one way of achieving that. Compassion is finding the proper balance in caring for others, for the business, and for yourself. More importantly, compassion is going out of your way to [...]

The roadmap to success: clarity

Part of being a good leader is knowing the direction to take and having faith in the reasons behind your decisions. Clarity is not an easy quality to cultivate because in todayā€™s world, every person who is given responsibilities finds themselvesĀ struggling with priorities. Once your priorities are unclear and you donā€™t know where your business [...]

No-one is listening to me! How to become a more effective communicator – Part 2

Clear communication makes for effective communication and great leaders Since 90% of all business and personal relationships have to do with communication, learning how to be an effective communicator, clear about your message content will make life a lot easier to manage. 5 Quick Steps for clear verbal communication: Know what you want to say. [...]

No-one is listening to me! How to become a more effective communicator – Part 1

Leadership is described in the dictionary as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. There are different leadership styles and each style has its pros and cons. For instance, the authoritarian leadership style is necessary if you have a life and death situation like a war while a relationship-oriented leader works [...]

3 Reasons why and how curiosity will improve your effectiveness (part 2)

How to be curious There are many ways to develop curiosity: Start developing a love for books. Read material on different topics. A great way to start is to look for books on topics that interest you. It could be biographies of people you are impressed with, it could be the latest bestsellers, or you [...]

3 Reasons why and how curiosity will improve your effectiveness (part 1)

Every success story started with curiosity. From the time you were a child, you probably got asked the question, ā€œWhat do you want to do when you grow up?ā€ Questions such as this continue to be asked by others and to ourselves as maturity develops. These questions are what triggers the start of self discovery. [...]

How to bridge the gap in 4 simple steps

Recently I visited Venice with my family and learned so much about this beautiful place during our weekend. Did you know that Venice is, in fact a series of islands with 420 bridges connecting it together? As we continued to cross many of these bridges, I reflected on how we, as individuals and leaders, can [...]

5 Reasons to Develop Your Critical Thinking As a Leader

As Albert Einstein astutely said, ā€œEducation is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think.ā€ Critical thinking can be described as the ability to think rationally and clearly about what to do or believe in a given situation. It improves the quality of the thinkerā€™s thoughts by imposing standards and cultivating good [...]