Warning: Don’t even think of speaking until you listen first




My clients often ask me to help them develop ways of engaging and influencing their colleagues and customers more effectively and developing deeper and broader business relationships. They ask me to help them in how to raise their impact and improve their communication.

There is nothing worse than feeling frustrated and misunderstood because you don’t feel you have the ability to influence. Or that you have not contributed or added value during a conversation or at a meeting because you either feel that no-body will listen to you or you feel pressured to say something but what you say doesn’t move the conversation forward.

The solution to these issues is a skill we all possess yet often it is overlooked as a critical skill in business and in life. It is the capacity to listen, yes to really listen. The challenge today is that we can readily identify others that do not listen well and overlook our own capacity to listen well. We are too quick to jump to a conclusion, listen just long enough to form a reply or offer our solution.


This is why I have written this e-book, ‘Are you listening or just waiting to speak?’ It is a practical guide that will help to develop your listening skills and deepen your business relationships so that you can influence, engage and communicate with impact.

I have over 25 years experience within financial and professional services and have spent thousands of hours developing my listening skills with clients from major Investment Banks, City Law firms and Global consultancies as an accredited executive coach. I have attended hundred’s of hours of training, webinars, seminars and have read numerous books in relation to helping others achieve more themselves through developing my capacity to listen well. I have witnessed transformation in others where my listening has enabled them to become more and achieve more.  In this book I share with you what I have learned and experienced so that you can take your communication skills to the next level.

When you buy ‘Are you listening or just waiting to speak?’ you will deepen your business relationships by developing further your capacity to listen. In addition you will:

  • Discover WHY listening well is critical both in life and in business
  • Uncover the myths of listening
  • Learn 11 principles of active listening
  • Recognise the challenges to active listening
  • Discover how developing your listening skills can benefit YOU
  • Gain 5 top tips in developing YOUR listening skills
  • Understand two different types of listening
  • Distinguish between hearing and listening
  • Reflect on your own listening habits
  • Develop your communication skills to a higher level

When you really listen, you will able to influence and engage others by understanding what is important to them and then presenting your thoughts on the basis of what you have heard. By listening before you speak, you will communicate more effectively and with impact because you are creating the opportunity for others to think for themselves.

Here’s what others have said after reading the book:

“I think that this book is hugely important. It is wonderfully and uniquely focused, like a laser, on this central and crucial aspect of leadership and professional work. Best of all, your message is indelible because it is not diluted, and because you combine principles and ideas with the most practical, implementable actions. And so your book can truly change the way people behave and think. I am so glad you have produced this for the world!” Nancy Kline, Author of More Time to Think – A way of being in the world.

“This book inspires me to believe that the office environment can become a much better place for all, more collaborative and where all views are held dear, even sought after. Jane’s book points out the timeless, precious value of listening – giving staff and managers easy-to-use tips to put into practice this largely undervalued skill.” Jo Johnston, freelance copywriter/editor.

“A delightful quick and easy read to make a big difference to your leadership and life. This book provides a practical guide to delivering exceptional results by making simple, effective changes.  It is rich with practical resources, opportunities for reflection and learning and embedded in the realities of professional life.   A must read for you, your team, your colleagues, your boss, your loved ones…the list is endless.” Elizabeth Arthur, Executive Coach

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When you buy my e-book you will also have:

  • An opportunity to assess your own listening skills from a 2-minute active listening test
  • A simple framework for asking questions
  • A free infographic of the 11 principles of active listening
  • 5 top tips you can apply today
  • A useful resource to share with your team

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Don’t be like others and experience a catastrophic disaster as a result of not listening. For example at BP where the senior leadership team failed to listen to the recommendations of the experts which resulted in the tragic explosion and oil spill into Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and lots of wildlife. This failure to listen was estimated to have cost £65 billion in clean up costs.

Don’t lose your opportunity to buy this practical guide that will help you to have what it takes to be OUTSTANDING and STAND OUT in this noisy world.

To listening more,


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