I specialise in coaching you to generate more of your independent thinking based on the Time to Think approach together with the underpinning of my Post Grad in Psychological Coaching and NLP.  At the same time, I am an explorer in equal measure, always discovering and learning more about others and myself.

I set up my coaching practice in 2002 after our first daughter was born in 2001 following 15 years working in Professional and Financial services from Linklaters to ABN Amro (and some others in-between).  I loved working in the City as an HR Director, however I also was very clear about the kind of Mum I wanted to be.  Back then, I couldn’t see a way to spend the time I wanted to with our daughter and be the responsive HR Director I was used to being, which often involved overseas travel.


My decision to become a coach was based on the fact that I loved to support others in their professional and personal growth. I felt it a privilege to guide and mentor those that worked for me to grow and take my role.  Additionally, I was no expert in the business of ‘international equities’, however I was able to create an environment for my clients to think about what they wanted for themselves and their business and to find ways of achieving that.

My experience as an HR Director and Executive Coach has equipped me with knowledge and experience of how people develop, the impact of leadership in creating a sustainable and profitable business together with developing a coach approach in leadership.

In order to do what I loved; serving others to achieve more for themselves and their business and to spend time with our daughter, I re-trained as an Executive Coach, and returned to work 4 days a week between the hours of 9.30 am and 4.00 pm.  Eighteen months later, our second daughter was born and I then scaled back to working three days a week coaching clients.

I developed my own corporate client base as an Executive Coach and became an Associate with other leading coaching organisations for Executive Coaching and Maternity Coaching (given I had recently been through maternity leave and returning to work).

As the girls grew older our childcare arrangements shifted and we employed a Nanny for 3 days a week, which provided me with slightly longer working days.  Eventually when they were both at school, I relinquished the Nanny and increased my days to 4 days working in London in-between the school runs!

My coach training began with NLP attending the Bandler, Green and McKenna programmes to become an NLP Master Practitioner.  I continued my professional development becoming a trained coach with Ian McDermott and Jan Elfine in their NLP coaching programme at ITS.  Continuing my passion for learning, I pursued a Post Grad Diploma in Psychological Coaching with the Centre for Coaching.

Throughout this period, I read, studied and attended workshops in systems based coaching, appreciative enquiry, solutions focused coaching and continued cognitive behaviour coaching (I sometimes wonder how did I manage this whilst working 3 days a week.  It wasn’t always easy.  When my life was out of balance, I would come down with a bad cold and sore throat – I knew then I had over done it!).  Looking back, I learned more about myself through this training and how important boundaries were for myself and others.

I later discovered Nancy Kline’s work and the Thinking Environment®. I pursued my coaching development and became an accredited Time to Think coach, facilitator and teacher. Nancy Kline’s work has transformed my coaching and my listening.  More recently, I discovered the impact of neuroscience with leadership and coaching.  I have found that the field of neuroscience for coaching and the Time to Think approach are the most reflective of the way the human mind naturally works and has a huge impact on leadership.

My work (and my life) has been inspired and influenced most notably by the work and presence of Francesca Carter, Richard Bandler, Martin Seligman, Susan Scott, Ian McDermott, Jan Elfine, Bill George, Robin Sharman, Laura Berman-Fortgang, Cheryl Richardson, Miki Walleczeck, John Whitmore, Nancy Kline, Beth O’Neil, Stephen Covey, Gladeana McMahon, Stephen Palmer, David Rock, Brendan Burchard, Margie Warrell, Georgina Woudstra, Elizabeth Arthur, my husband and two daughters.  I am grateful to these great teachers.

I continue my journey of personal leadership and coaching development with regular supervision, continuing professional development and discovering new thinking and ideas in my niche areas with a view to synthesise the latest relevant information to share with my subscribers.

I have written for Coaching at Work ‘How to effectively engage coaching sponsors’ :  http://www.coaching-at-work.com/category/hints-and-tips/.  I have also posted a number of articles from my executive and career management coaching practice website : http://www.ashvaleconsultancy.com/news/.

I am a member of Toastmasters and regularly attend and speak at their events.  http://chelmsfordspeakers.toastmastersclubs.org.

I offer 1:1 and group on and off line coaching and coach mentoring.  In addition, I provide regular high value information in the form of top tips, techniques and useful exercises to stretch your thinking and discover new ways forward to achieve what you want.  As my platform develops, I shall be developing online training and webinars to meet your needs so please comment on my personal blog, letting me know what is most valuable for you.

I am married to Ed and live with our two daughters in Essex, UK.  In my free time, I love to visit our small apartment in Spain, learn and speak Spanish, attend Pilates classes, host dinner parties for our friends and make fresh juice every day À la juice master.

To discover how I can help YOU achieve more for yourself, visit my Coaching and Training page to see what service is best suited for your needs.