Hi, I’m Jane Adshead-Grant, owner of JaneAdsheadGrant.com. I set up this on-line platform to help you achieve more for yourself and your business, through developing your personal leadership and coaching skills.


I specialise in working with you to develop more of your independent thinking through focused attention, asking laser like questions and challenging your thinking to create new insights to move forward.

After 15  years working from PA to HR Director across professional and financial services, I took the plunge and went alone – setting up my own coaching practice in 2002.  Developing others was a major part of what I loved to do.  I was fortunate to work with very smart people and those willing to be coached and mentored to take on my role as I moved on.  For every role I left, I always had a successor.

Later, the challenge for me became ‘how could I be the mother I wanted to be and serve my clients in the way I wanted to?’  At the time, I couldn’t see a way to do this, other than developing my own practice.  Coaching was less widely known in those days and so I worked hard to establish myself and become qualified in my field.  I continue my learning today to develop further and I find ways to juggle my family life (we have two daughters) with my professional life.

I have been running a successful coaching practice, Ashvale Consultancy Limited, since 2002, working with both corporate and private clients and feel privileged to accompany my clients on their journey of self discovery and achieving more for themselves.

My office is based in Essex, UK and I have a small team of talented associates.

My mission…

Is to inspire you to achieve your goals and accomplish what you want for yourself through higher performance and greater productivity. My aim is to create insightful and relevant content that you can use to enhance your personal and professional life.

My approach of listening attentively, unlike you have been before, asking questions to challenge your thinking and sharing relevant insights, will enable you achieve clarity, feel more confident, think differently and design new ways of moving forward.

Who I serve…

I can help you if you are:

  • An emerging leader, stepping into your first leadership role or taking on a larger role. You are keen to develop your leadership skills and experience and make a difference to those you serve. You appreciate the need and want to develop a coaching approach to your leadership. You are willing to explore your current thinking and behaviours to develop new insights, skills and experiences for yourself.
  • An executive leader, wanting to achieve more for your business. You are keen to engage your team further and have greater impact on those you serve. You are eager to learn more about yourself and you are willing to make changes. You appreciate the need and want to develop a coaching approach to your leadership.
  • A coach who wants to develop both your skills and your practice. You are open to discovering more for yourself, more about the coaching process and how to become accredited with the ICF. You are keen to develop your skills further and work with the clients that you choose to work with.

What I provide…

I provide both free and high-value information that will help you develop further your personal leadership and coaching skills to achieve your goals and what you want for yourself and your business.

I offer 1:1 coaching programmes from 3-12 months, which are highly specialised and tailored to your needs on-line via Skype and telephone and off-line, face-to-face usually within your organisation.

I offer Thinking Partner sessions, based on the Time to Think approach to help you gain clarity, develop new thinking, feel more confident and solve problems. These are available as a one-off session, a series of sessions or daily ‘drop in’ sessions for up to 5 individuals per day within your organisation.

I provide tips, techniques and useful exercises that are proven to work very effectively; I have used them myself and with hundred’s of clients.

I offer on-line coach mentoring for coaches seeking to develop their skills further and/or seeking accreditation with the ICF.

8 reasons why you can trust the service and information I provide…

1. I am a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a founding member of the Association for Coaching (AC) since 2003.  I am an accredited Coach, Facilitator, and Trainer with Time to Think, specialising in creating a Thinking Environment for my clients. I have a post grad diploma in psychological coaching, accredited by the AC  and am a certified NLP Coach.

2. I have been coaching for over 15 years and have over 3,000 coaching hours within Professional and Financial services.

3. I have developed a successful coaching practice with an increased client base, year on year. Clients I work with and have worked with are from Deloitte, E&Y, Boston Consulting, Baringa, Cap Gemini, Threadneedle, Rothschild, Hewlett Packard, Deustche Bank, UBS, Ince & Co, Clifford Chance, Linklaters, Mayer Brown, Towers Watson, Hewitt Associates, and more.

4. I had 15 years experience working from a PA to HR Director in Professional and Financial services. I served International Equities, Global Fixed Income and Global Technology businesses as well as over 400 legal secretaries, Fee Earners and Partners as an HR Manager/Director.

5. I developed the first City Coaching Programme for a major HR Consultancy offering to its City clients. For the launch event, I shared the platform with the Managing Director and Sir John Whitmore.

6. I regularly attend world-leading seminars and events to learn more about how others achieve what they want for themselves and their business and newly developed thinking in leadership and coaching.

7. I network with other industry experts and continue to learn from them and develop further my ideas to share with others.

8. As a coach, I have regular supervision and engage in on-going personal development through consuming the latest thinking and writing in my niche areas (this follows my Post Grad in HR Management and Post Grad in Psychological Coaching).

All of this means you will be engaging with a highly credible and innovative Coach who has worked in highly complex, fast moving and thoughtful environments,  has a reputation for outstanding delivery, knows how to organically grow business through recommendation and has a life long passion for learning and developing both myself and my clients, who are at the heart of my business. 

My beliefs and principles…

  • I believe that you have the resources within you to achieve what you want for yourself. I recognise that some of these resources remain untapped, even hidden. This is where I believe I can help you. To uncover what is within to achieve more.
  • I believe that to listen, to truly listen to others is a gift both as the listener and as the speaker.
  • I believe that clarity, confidence, change and commitment are the ingredients for a recipe of success. I believe I can help you gain clarity, feel confident and provide the challenge to change enabling you to accomplish what you want for yourself and your business. I am committed to you achieving your success.
  • I believe in abundance and sharing. I believe there is opportunity for everyone.
  • I believe in gratitude. To be grateful for the people in our lives, the experiences we encounter and beautiful nature of the world. Even if some of these are not what we would have wanted, I believe everyone and everything we encounter has something to offer us as a way of learning.

Thank you for taking the time to look around JaneAdsheadGrant.com. Do subscribe for your free copy of ‘Don’t chase success, let success chase you’. I really look forward to helping you develop further your personal leadership and coaching skills so you too can achieve what you want for yourself and your business.

Jane Adshead-Grant, owner of JaneAdsheadGrant.com and Ashvale Consultancy Limited.