Being an effective leader is not always easy and like any skill, it takes time and effort and needs nurturing; it really helps to have an executive coach who can support you on your journey of mastering leadership.

Leadership can often involve facing difficulties and obstacles that will test your skills and patience so it makes sense to be prepared for lots of different circumstances that require your leadership skills.

The problem is that most people in leadership roles are busy with the day-to-day running of the company or doing/overseeing the work that needs to be done. How can you give time to hone your hidden leadership skills and update your knowledge on the strategic things if you’re busy with meetings, paper works, agendas, etc.?

This is where an executive coach can help you.

He/she will help you to make room for improvement in becoming a better leader. In essence the key to leadership effectiveness is coaching and mentoring. Here are seven reasons as to why it’s so important to have an executive coach…

1. They’ll help you to enhance your leadership effectiveness

Being a leader is not always about success and easy times, it’s also about being effective in the tough moments of your leadership career. By having an executive coach who can help you explore the opportunities for personal growth in challenging situations and can support you discover new insights will enable you to lead your team with ease and confidence. Furthermore, by offering relevant insights, your coach can help you gain new knowledge and become wiser at each step of the way.

2. You’ll take your leadership skills to the next level

You have your own style of leading but ask yourself this – what do you not know that could help you to enhance your natural style a lot further? Having an executive coach around can help you to sharpen your core skills. Most likely, these enhanced skills will directly relate to the success of the other people around you, the overall business and profits too.

3. They’ll support you in effective planning and decision making

It’s hard to make important decisions by yourself. It’s so valuable to have someone who will not make the choice for you, but will partner with you and challenge your thinking to create new possibilities and insights to make better decisions. This will save you time, mistakes and mental effort.

4. They’ll help you to achieve phenomenal team results

Since your coach will be partnering with you to develop greater self-awareness and offer practical leadership skill building, some of this will greatly affect your relationship with your fellow subordinates and employees. Having a great team relationship can increase the chance of effective future outcomes. Your team will work efficiently and in harmony. The end result will be pretty phenomenal if the whole team works with passion and synergy.

5. They’ll partner with you to create solutions to your toughest leadership problems

Problems will always occur along the way in your leadership role and at times you will be misguided by your own thoughts and decisions. When this happens you’ll need quick and effective solutions to get yourself back on the right track again. Your company may be facing a crisis that could make you feel very stressed, incapable or vulnerable. Your coach will be there to support you and pull you up by working with you to create new solutions and alternative viewpoints.

6. They provide immediate and objective performance feedback

In order to become an effective leader, you must be able to take constructive feedback which will help you create better solutions and decisions the next time around. It will help to boost your performance more because you’ll challenge yourself even more.

7. Coaching is good for your health and soul

Your coach is also your champion and confidante. Being able to share important things with someone who is on your side is great for our well being. It’s amazing to think that most people don’t have someone who they can turn to about important business and leadership decisions. Partners and spouses can be well-meaning but they may not always be suitable to listen and support you in creating new ways forward within your business. This is where your faithful and wise coach comes in.

If you are missing your leadership coach, do contact me today to see how I can help you.